Hillary Clinton is Now 1.5 MILLION Ahead of Donald Trump in the Popular Vote Count

  • The people silently or knowingly gave away it all the people not some comity of bought and paid for liars should be the finial voice

  • two million now…

  • Shitlers going down

  • Are people still voting?

  • LoL
    Doesnt matter at all

    • Oh it matters Rizz.

    • How ?
      Trump is been elected as president ..

      Do you realy think hillary will get another chance

  • Cary and Bashir, speak English, or proper English, I have no idea what you two just said!

  • so ?

  • Why did you give Clinton zombie eyes? Was this an attempt at giving her bright, “angel-like” eyes… the “truth inside me” speaks more on the other video your site posted with George Carlin talking about how NONE of the political candidates are for us and have ALL been paid for. Clinton was not a trophy, not even a participation trophy. Face filters can’t buy honesty. Neither of these people are good for the “people product”, they serve the owners only.

  • The majority of this is because of the overabundance of Hillary voters in California.
    Maybe a bunch of them should move to North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah to change the demographic of the electoral college.
    Sorry California liberals, but one state doesn’t get to decide for the whole nation.

    • the people should decide. That’s democracy.

    • Our election process is like the playoffs. No one cares about how many times you scored but the games won. The election is the same .:: it’s like 51 different games and that’s what decides who wins.

    • Martin, majority rule is the same as mob rule, that’s why the electoral college is place.

    • Bennie Hudson No, majority rule is called democracy, which we don’t have because we live in a republic, and a shitty one at that. He’s not wrong.

    • Majority rule becomes mob rule, how ever you want to dress it up is your decision.

    • If only the population vote counted, 3 states would determine the outcome of every national election, Texas, California & New York. Because they have the most people, thus the intention of the electoral college was equality of representation across the nation. That’s how it works. Every president wins the same way (or loses).

    • Mob rule is what you have now.

    • if every vote was the rule of the land then states might as well not exist.

    • Albert Casper What an intelligent, well-formed argument. Thank you for your insightful input.

    • Collin, I am against government in general, I don’t believe there is anything government does that a free people cannot do better for themselves, but not liking the game doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how it’s played, my comments are toward those who can’t figure out why the electoral system is in place.

    • And Martin, mob rule is not what we have in place now, what these mobs are now is a bunch of crybabies who were never taught that you don’t always get your way. Then you have the media calling them “anarchists”…these people protesting are the opposite of anarchists, these “protesters” are people who want the socialist agenda of having more government.

    • Bennie, you know as well as I do if you remove the people that should not be voting, he would have won popular vote too.

    • Since the Democrats are always fighting any attempt at photo identification voter laws (we’re the only modernized nation not to have it) it’s more than obvious which political party is depending on any form of voter fraud.

    • If they moved to real America like South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah they wouldn’t vote for Hillary

      It’s all fine and dandy while living in a city to vote for a liberal…but get out into actually hard working mans territory and they’ll change their tune real quick!

    • Collin Aldridge
      The founding fathers were very clever, when they wrote this rules. This is a republic, all states get a say!
      If you people don’t like it, then brake the republic!
      What you want, is to give all the power to New York and California. The rest of the states would have live with those two states decisions…NOT HAPPENING:((

    • Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • who cares? It’s too late now. You should have gone and voted when you had the chance!

  • probably end at 2.5 million total. The Orange Man would never have accepted Hillary’s victory if it were the other way around.

    • The same goes for you,
      You can’t accept the election as it is, but if the popular vote and electoral vote were reversed you would be fine with the results, that makes you nothing more than a whiny hypocrite.

    • Bennie Hudson no need to get personal, unless you’re one of those underdeveloped persons, in which case I guess you can’t help yourself.

    • anyways, mainly stating an assumption based on data: Thump complained about the electoral college in 2012 in vociferous terms.

    • I’m not a supporter of his either, just because I don’t like the way these Democrat voters are behaving over something as simple as an election doesn’t make me a republican.
      And when you’re as developed you too will be able to see Democrat and Republican politicians for what they are and see their supporters for who they are.

    • It’s perfectly legitimate to debate whether the Electoral College makes sense or not. What you call “behavior” is a straw man; if some people are whiney, then that doesn’t disqualify the debate per se. And the rest of your post is babble.

  • something weird about those eyes

  • It just went over 2 million

  • Poor baby

  • That’s a lot of New Dead voters amazing what you can do from the grave

    • At least the dead voters are/were citizens. The illegal aliens are of course another story. 🙂

    • The Illegal Aliens need to be Vetted and they need to respect out culture and rules not the other way around as many Muslim groups have tried to push. thanks enlarge to Obama.

    • We are a Free Country but that doesn;t mean you come and take Advantage of our Benefits through deception.

  • Y’all seen they were talking about at least 2 – 3 million illegals voted and we all know which party they voted for. Just stop with the crybaby shit and accept the loss. Trump has the white house.

  • Shut up meg…

  • Please stop this circus now!!If this is true than just wait till it’s true to announce her victory.Otherwise we muct elevate Trumps Presidency with our thoughts and prayers.

  • You know that’s a lie, and you know they rigged massively. You know that many illegals voted in the sanctuary cities. Please, some arguments do not make much sense.

  • All the dead people didn’t realize what day it was and are just getting their votes on now.

  • Not in my book.

  • That’s great but meaningless

  • so what ? it’s not the first time it’s happen so don’t talk about somethinks you can change the law is the law you can’t change the rules because you loose…

  • Aaaaaaand she’s still not president. She also conceded…..

  • they both the same side of the same coin them on one side us on the other its irrelevant who you voted for ..this is all theater , get a grip

  • Annnnnnnd… she still lost the election!!!

  • ALL lies!

  • No she isn’t. Haha

  • Don’t believe it

  • Sick of hearing about this, I learned about the Electoral College in HS,, wish more people would have taken American history,, but I guess people are going to complain about something. I wonder if other animals sit around and complain? Like Hippo’s,, geez there is fat Gertrude eating up all the grass and muck in the pond again,, I bet she goes to the bathroom in our water supply too, we should start a protest right after I pee in our drinking water..

  • civics 101. take it. now.

  • Where NY and CA

  • Just propaganda news Donald Trump won both popular and electoral they just want to keep the protesting going to make more news YOU guy are disgusting for news reporting.

  • Killory is a sick and twisted war mongoring psycopath! She laughs of the killing !

  • get over it!!!!!

  • All these favorable votes came from states that house non-residents, “true Americans”. Who can for some reason vote in American elections, which is ludicrous. Or do I owe someone an apology.

    • You probably hurt some feeling there bud, but keep going. Truth hurts more than any lie.

  • One weevil beat another weevil. Perhaps, America should focus more on why those were the “best” available. That speaks volumes about how low the “majority” has sunk. A criminal, so embedded in the corrupt system that she and her husband will never pay for their crimes, and a 1%-er, that has no reason to give a shit about the middle and lower classes, have no business being the President of the United States of America!

  • You deceptive mofos!
    Do you really expect the real voters to believe this bull about Hillary?
    With all the voter fraud and illegal votes to include dead people?
    Get out of the country while you can because the train is rolling you maggots.

    • Collin Aldridge ,
      Ain’t got time for you namby pamby pussies Collin.
      You poor little entitled kid.

  • bs

  • Ohhh please, get over it already!

  • 3 million illegal and 2 million dead people votes. Not to mention all the Sorros owned voting machines that change from Trump to Clinton… I hope the witch does challenge the election. We can add more felony charges to her resume.

  • Doesn’t make a damn bit of difference.

  • Well if it would have gone the other way you wouldn’t be complaining about it!

  • Fraud and illegal votes defaults her as a fraud… Its over.. See she needs to be prosecuted so she can no longer harm american citizens anymore

  • She conceded; it’s over.

  • over 2 million today

  • Her eyes are scary as hell.

  • Illegal votes don’t count

  • Another garbage liberal crybaby throwing a temper tantrum. Get over it!

  • Funny, I don’t hear anyone in the losing party complaining about “super delegates” during the campaign when Bernie received more votes in many states, but Hillary still won the states delegates thanks to her “super delegates”.

  • No way !!!

  • Not bad since 130,000,000 + voted. Kind of half and half.

  • When you have 3 million illegals and dead people voting for Killiary WTF do you expect LMAO

  • Why is her eyes like that? Sholl could posted a better picture of her.

  • 3 million are illegal immigrants, and only God knows, how many dead people voted. So, pretty sure he got the popular vote, as well.

  • who cares?

  • Sure!! Dead people fraud and illegals!!

  • How many of her voters were illegal or dead?

  • it was rigged i say .. rigged !!!! lmao … he with most money wins !

  • more bull shit

  • not hardly

  • Who cares he won so Hillary move on and take a beating deal with it everyday I read trying to do Donald Trump

  • Fickle Americans

  • The election is over!

  • Take away at least six million illegal votes and deceased voters and she still loses byfour and a half million!

  • Who gives a sh…t!

  • Not true, Facts only

  • 0.01% difference among voters

    • Stop quoting facts. Hysteria is obviously preferable. 😀

  • Hopefully the Electoral College will decide soon whether or not to reverse their decision pending the outcome of computer hacked votes investigation..


  • Get over this already. U should be reporting on standing rock or something else besides this all the time. Move on already

  • #DemocratsInDenial

  • The people elect, but the don’t select.

  • She’s evil….it’s fraud they are cooking up here.

  • That’s not what wins the election…the whole country gets a vote…not just CA and NY

  • When will you people stop this nonsense of Hilary this …Hilary that…more people this or that.
    Stop being losers.
    Get over it.
    Life goes on.

  • Now subtract all the fraudulent votes… longer ahead.


  • I hope you get an invitation to the inauguration of our President Elect Donald J. Trump…..get over it….

  • lol

  • Of course she is – but who’s counting the votes

  • Now let’s minus the three million illegal votes

  • I heard killary was even winning in mexico and cuba

  • And the Cleveland Indians almost won the World Series!

  • Oh yeah. You only have to convince ALL those 37 Electors they’re wrong. Of course they want to admit it! I mean like who doesn’t want to live in a Fantasy Fairyland Utopia of greasy Unicorn Rainbow farts? Everybody Loves that right? We’re are all sooo fortunate to have saved ourselves from another term of that crap. That’s all they would’ve needed to slam the doors shut on ALL of US. Be Grateful for it.

  • Who cares they cannot change how America has voted or votes. No one cared when Obama used all the dead ppl n Disney characters to win his election!! N besides I don’t believe she did win the pop vote not even now with all the stupids protesting oh I mean rioting!!

  • Bullshit story of one state, not a country

  • She has evil eyes, devil true colors

  • SHE LOST!!!! Get over it.

  • Why does this matter?????

  • Dead people and illegal alien votes don’t count

  • She will do anything to get that seat at the white house can’t except that she lost the election she will stop at nothing.

  • Thank God the Founding Fathers had the brains to include the Electoral College

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  • I know. Whined about Trump and things he said and stands for and now. Cunton and her misfits are pissed because of all the money she lost cause she thought she would have won. Now still won’t accept defeat and all the bullshit protest and violence. Hypocrite

  • The Donald won within the rules.

  • who give a shit abt her ….

  • Remove the fraud and Trump wins both

  • Election is over. Who cares!

  • Yeah hillary for prison 2016 trunp might a morrol.but still better than a crook

  • So done with these sites and the endless bullshit have you nothing else to report on. Trump is going into office end of story

  • Does the left not know how this all works or what?

  • and Michigan State gained significantly more yardage than Michigan, but lost 37-34… Then again, Michigan didn’t have felons, illegals, and dead players running the ball for them. It appears that when libtards don’t like the outcome, they figure we should change the rules post facto, in order to get the results “everyone knows it should have been”

  • Liars!!!!!


  • liars

  • Hmmm, she was up by two million a few days ago, now she’s only up a million and a half. Two weeks after The election, Trump is still closing in? What a bunch of BS all this popular vote rubbish is.

  • There is going to be challenges to three states. There is evidence of hacking of the machines. Trash is gonna be tossed! Rofl

  • If that takes into account the 3 million votes from illegal immigrants they found, then she just fell even further behind! lmao… Trump IS our president! and btw, i am “unliking” this page

  • No she is not

  • Try take out the 10 million illegals and dead people she still lost by 8.5 million…

  • Couldn’t have been too popular, she was out voted when it mattered

  • If Donald trump won the popular but Hillary Clinton won the electoral, do you think the left democrats would be protesting the electoral college?? NO they wouldn’t. #independentvoter

  • How many people wrote in and voted for a dead gorilla?? That’s why we don’t decide elections by popular vote

  • The popular guy in the classroom does not necessarily make a good leader. He is just good at pleasing everyone.

  • You will still never be president, you lost the only election that counted!!! Go back to crying into your cornflakes luv.

  • These two pictures are showing the real horror…. and the most depressing reality to me is, that the voice of wisdom wasn’t heard, although there had been a chance – Mr. Sanders, you were the hope of all people, who really want a change coming 😉
    And now the world is sceptically looking to a dangerous clown…
    Keeping my eye on the future, sending regards from Germany.

  • Who cares what she has …
    SHE LOST… She is OUT !

  • sooooo we had a president encourage illegals to vote and of course there alwaus the dead who vote by the milliions

  • Ca. Crack pot central.

  • 4 to 5 million illegals voted for her. They forget to subtract that number.

  • Somewhere I once read that the road to hell is a highway but the road to righteousness is narrow…mmm

  • the problem with the electoral college is not representation but the application of ‘all or nothing’ instead of candidates getting their fair share <3

  • That’s all good and all but the election is over

  • in a few months hillary will have 90% of the votes- experts say 😛

  • I see dead people vote!

  • More lying liberal