Gaddafi’s last words as he begged for mercy: ‘What did I do to you?’

  • Allah yerhamak. Rest in peace

  • Trump is a Russian Communist

  • We all know the brutal story, the question is, what is Justified as Justice?

  • Are you kidding me? The man raped and imprisoned underage girls. His war crimes are well documented and you can find the actual paperwork online to read yourself. Do not make this man a hero, he was a monster. Oy. What is wrong with people. Do your research.

    • Ye but that is not the reason he was taken out. The reason was financial. He was about to do things that the USA didn’t want him to do so they did what they always do….kill to get there own way. He was a monster no doubt but don’t be fooled into thinking he was taken out for that reason. The powers that be wouldn’t care if he was raping children or not.

    • Sad to say I believe you.

    • Central bank & he was uniting an African gold currency. No doubt a jerk but have you seen what we’ve done in Guantanamo?

  • RIP

  • “International Terrorism and Murder,” is what I hope was said to him before the knife was inserted into his anus… Somewhere the spirit’s of Lockerbie, and many other heinous acts, are dancing on that piece of sh!t’s grave.

    • That treatment should also be given to George W Bush who invaded Iraq , killed a million people while Osama was sitting in Pakistan , all along . Fake reasons for a war that ended up demilitarizing the Bath party and creating ISIS.

    • I hope someone sticks a knife in your anus

    • Ummm, sure, w/e… but at least all that, highly and long debated stuff, was done with the global coalition’s approval — right? Right. Whatever, “The Man,” did to you, was the best information they (we all) had at the time the clearly enjoyed huge popular public support (represented in congressional districts all across America.) So, to me, instead of trying to assign blame to one specific person in that scenario, I think it makes more sense to highly consider the perspective of the present reactionary environment felt in the nation at the time. We were all scared. Literally witless… by what was the largest foreign attack on American soil in the witnessing of modern day terrorism and a radical shift in strategy as the terrorist leaders had been prophesying about in their maniacal religion and philosophy –openly– for decades. That disaster’s, ‘blow-back,’ sentiment is understandable to me as it signaled and signified an radical uptick in both active terrorism’s physical attempts but also the psychological insemination of jihadi-friendly philosophy that was currently and frighten-lying coming to witness in front of our very horrified eyes.. So please, forgive the helll out of normal people doing what only normal people could ever be expected to do — be human.

    • John West Boy howdy, if I had a nickel for every time an alien approached me with that offer, but was only hiding a probe — I’d have 15 sense… You’re scaring no one with your nonsense, kid. 😉

  • I swear they were “do you know good from evil “

  • “You forgot to send in Clinton Foundation donation”

  • You murdered your own people.

  • He wanted to make gold his country currency which mean crashing the currency market specially the American dollar… that and of course killing his own people… the guy was a political genius but he dreamed too big too soon and for that he’s gone.

  • He was trying to set up a gold standard for currency and kick out the European and American banks. He was NOT a ‘good guy’ but he did want an independent Africa. How dare he!

  • Libya was more powerful with him as a leader. .

  • All the Arab spring that started in Tunisia was a plot intended to kill Gaddafi without leaving prints.

  • Well, the states did not like a black person not needing the white people.

  • Are you people kidding????!!!! Get your facts to be that…facts!!! The atrocities he did don’t count??? How quickly we forget he had a bounty on President Reagan??? Go blow it out!!!

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