Finally Exposed: The 13 Families That Are Secretly Ruling The World

  • Yes but, cabbage patch lady !

  • Parth Chopra


  • Lunatics.

  • Jamdae Ggogou

  • delusional nutters. try DNA testing, i bet they are common as muck.

  • Sahej Singh Athwal


  • Muhamed Hamzaa hma dol

  • Secretly? Not much of a secret now eh? Are they impervious to the human condition? Disease, Gravity, murder? Lol

  • gibberish and nonsense. Is now and always has been. Crap designed to fool the foolish and trick the unwary. Humbug.

  • Where do i apply for a job

  • Ebrima

  • They’re not secretly doing anything. They don’t care who knows who they are or about the power they wield. They have been in power for many, many decades and cooperate with each other to gain more power and yes, to rule the world. If you think they care about the little guys or what we think, you’re nuts.

  • How is it that the city of London is not part of the UK ?? Anyone I know that lives in London, say that it is part of the UK.— also, I read something once claiming that because its not part of the UK, the Monarch has to ask permission to enter the city… The Monarch LIVES in the city for heavens sake… owns property in the city…

  • Andrea Raquel Roman Diaz

  • I don’t know if it’s the translation program that’s poor, if English is not the authors first language, simple ignorance or if this group felt they couldn’t afford a proof reader? Whatever the reason, the result is the same. Why should any of us believe anyone incapable of expressing themselves in grammatically correct standard American English?

  • In their dreams .

  • No Morgan? No Disney? Are the illuminati conspiracy theorists forgetting other “families” they’ve put forward so to speak

  • Ĺondon is London. How can you have a London that is part of UK and a London that’s not?

  • Oooooook. ……

  • Really surprised that people here are so ignorant when it comes to this.

  • Hell bent for sure!

  • F*** them! People have the right to choose their leaders. Unless these cocksuckers manage to rule in perfect righteousnesss and justice or something.

  • Just when I thought I’d seen it all along come these dipsticks

  • Raghav Devadiga

  • lost link does not exist.

  • And….. !!???

  • Gabriel

    Half-truth = deceit, NWO is jewish creation only.

  • Harvey Petersen

  • The picture looks like a group of Elis in their Skull and Crossbones robes.

  • Nicole B

    What is weird is that I am descended from Plantagenets. My ancestors started as bankers, lawyers,and politicians. All of a sudden in the early 1800’s several branches of that family became destitute with no explanation including the branch I am descended from.

    • Patrick O’Connor

      Destitute with no explanation? Try “breeding outside the “clan”.

    • cahonaz

      Interesting! I recall a while back hearing someone say something similar and the answer was that, yes, there was a breakaway in the family, possibly a family dispute.
      Let’s just say that in the bigger picture you are infinitely better off away from them!

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  • Make sure you watch the video at the end.

  • Peter Daly

  • They all need to die

  • How is the City of London not part of the UK and not subject to its’ Laws. What absolute twaddle.

    • Katalin G. Lakat

      “The Crown” is a committee of twelve to fourteen men who rule the independent sovereign state known as London or ‘The City.’ ‘The City’ is not part of England. It is not subject to the Sovereign. It is not under the rule of the British parliament. Like the Vatican in Rome, it is a separate, independent state.”

  • Interesting

  • Hector Martinez

  • Giovanni Cacchione

  • Here are the people who really rule the world

  • Fabi Relseb

  • Very interesting. All of them have to die is that not so? It is in the nature of men to die at some point,no matter how much wealth they have accumulated. We ordinary people understand that life is a struggle filled with extraordinary beauty and horror. But we too will die. Read ecclesiastes. This will help all of us to understand how life unfolds.

  • Absolute nonsense. Hanover??_the names ate not even spelled correctly

  • Marcel Nesensohn

  • people like this think money is life

  • One scenario that could still get Hillary into the White House. Make sure your Electors vote for Hillary on Dec 19

  • good old skull and bones

  • Örs Boér

  • Its a pity that god punishes them after life has ended for them#not here and now when salvation is needed the most for all of man

  • Just look at this photo, all those serious faces… Fine material for Monty Python

  • Not much of a secret now.

  • deluded narcissists.

  • Who told them that they are from the bloodline of the”hybrid nephailim race” they are all dead now.they are simply men who are deluded. We are all children of God.some more enlightened than others. Live good,be good to others,this is what our God requires of us.

  • They couldn’t rule a chook pen by the look of them, even if they mean well

  • Koby Whetstine. Where’s your name

    • I’m one of the less visible ones the article talked about.

  • Preston Carter a very interesting read you’ll like!!


  • My name isn’t mentioned but I do enjoy ruling the entire Universe.

    • Marlon Espartero

      And from whose authority u cud say that??! Don’t b ridiculous, u do onli what i order u to, stick to what ur assigned to..

      • Pam Cooper

        Ha! Ha!

  • They own the news media.

  • It’s been exposed already. American people still sleeping, They’re denying also. But I’m not sure that these communities are completely illuminati tribe, They saids: A lot of property couldn’t obtain without illgotten.

  • Rohit Bassi

    So are any of these families from the Middle East, East or Far East?

  • lion “lionroar” roar

    George Soros name is missing.

  • High Per Bowlee

    Your ‘solution’ is to replace one group of ‘overlords’ for another group??

    That should end well. Good thing we have such a spiritual ‘awakened’ person telling us what to do… smh.

  • David Olsen