Dalai Lama Praises Vladimir Putin And Says ‘He Is Right… The US Created ISIS’.

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  1. We have been fighting Russia in Syria. What o u think that was. It was all Russian bombshells. That’s the only reason he made any money in the first place . And the lama who cares what he says. If it’s not about peace and happiness do ur job!

  2. It’s what was left after the war. They started killing people and threatening them to join up or be beheaded. We made that are u totally freakin numb skull. Knock knock

  3. Stepped outside your mind

  4. How things are spun on social media. He did not say Obama or Clinton or the US created ISIS. He said humans did. Nothing to disagree with there.

  5. Funny….this is the conversation the Dalai Lama had on his opinions of Putin and Obama. Seems like he likes Obama very much.

  6. There are so many good things you put out. Why mislead people by putting spins on things that aren’t true? Stay away from that kind of mush.

  7. and the last rpg was shot at you when??

  8. scud rockets at night. I don’t know but I think I might . your fighting for a toilet bowl . bahahahahaha

  9. I’m not getting into an argument with you about anything else. Obviously, this post and the way you spun it has everything to do with your opinion, not the Dali Lamas. I was only pointing out that this is not what he said. You can blame anyone you want, but don’t put unsaid words in his mouth or anyone else’s. Don’t presume to know who he ‘sides’ with or thinks or cares about. Speak for yourself unless you have substantial proof of what others think.

  10. I bet the castle looked fabulous from that hole in the ground hahahaha

  11. Maria Stones says:

    No surprises American is keeping the arms industry alive ISIS is there creation Israel Secret Intelligent Services

  12. You Americans better hope and pray that Russia doesn’t declare war with you. That day will be the end of the Great Babylon.

  13. Wade Cronce says:

    George W Bush created ISIS.

  14. Somebody from Republican invented this garbage.

  15. DL also believes he is reincarnated, so I’m not trusting his judgement

  16. Totally! If the war criminal Bush and his war criminal gang hadn’t fabricated the story of WMD as an excuse to start a war with Iraq…. need I say more?

  17. Mandy Rogers says:

    Well they did train them and arm them. I’d say that counts.

  18. Mike Wallos says:

    like… this is news?

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