Clinton Email: We Must Destroy Syria For Israel.

  • Thought assange was going to make a speech today?.

  • DEATH TO ISREAL, why do u wanna help some1 that uses u?

    • That’s a silly thing to say … true jew love all , America just wants world war

  • and she is the best chance for the elections ? poor country

  • How much did see get for that .she gets money we get misery

  • Ze doen alles voor israel. Echte duivels.

  • How cruel and selfish

  • Neysha AC

  • Jane McDonnell

    Shame on this administration -the US does not have credibility with most Arab states due to its ongoing bias towards Israel.

    • IanC

      So true, Jane. The bias towards Israel int he US is palpable. Here int he UK it’s a little more balanced, as we’re not to wrapped up in and a part of the troubles. However the BBC is very biased in other ways, so I’m not saying it’s only the US that’s biased, but only that it IS when it comes to Israel. Appalling really. The poor Palestinians.