BOOM! Wikileaks Confirms Hillary Sold Weapons To ISIS.

  • More disgraceful actions by our political front runners. Thanks for sharing!

  • Novak

  • Is anyone genuinely surprised?

  • She truly is a disgrace.

  • Not surprised!!

  • God blesseerd Amerika

  • Lucas Hill

  • Beangstigend

  • Better than donald trump

    • Go join isis then

    • Joshua Wantland after u, after all im a reclaim australia supporter…., and im not american, happy to see u guys having hillary or trump as president…either way..its a good reality show for us to watch…haha…i can still say : dumb americans,.,whoever u guys vote..

    • There are more than just two choices. Both Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are on the ballot in all 50 states. Nothing will get better until people will start voting 3rd party. Neither Trump or Hillary deserve to be president.

    • When presented with all evils..choose the lesser evil…

  • So now you know whats gonna be done about it.?

  • The united states always sells weapons to its enemy. Because the evil people in power always do that.

  • Clintons are isis

    • Well said. Opportunists. What to expect from a family where the man that cheats his wife with a secretary while a president in his office at the White House

    • trump has cheated on two wives. Clinton was impeached for his actions so lets just put another guy like that in the White House. Also haven’t heard of any other new accusations since he left the office. trump has never changed and never will. Is Hillary unscathed no, but I would take her over trump any day.

    • I feel very sorry for you guys to have these two running for president. I am not north-American and I don’t live there but like the country and wish the best and I have been watching the news about your elections with interest.

    • Rodrigo Machado Tavares Greatest Show on Earth (that used to be about the Barnam and Bailey circus).

    • Hahaha you’re an idiot.

  • President Candidates…One sells weapons to Monsters and another feels that women are pigs. Great Elections. Good luck America. This time God MUST bless you. Time of payback, I guess.

    • Idk, brother..Why don’t you ask your Mom..Maybe she can clear your doubt.

    • Jill Stein is the only real candidate we have.

    • @Lalena..Exactly..The people of USA must realize the power of their vote. Only then People like Jill can win. Also, really shame on the USA Corporate-biased media. Never gave publicity to her, instead the CNN is running the trump stupid comments on women all day. Very Unfortunate.

    • Tuomo Rupponen
      If they are, so are their offspring which means everybody is a pig

    • We need God’s guidance. I cannot in good faith vote FOR either, just have to vote again the one that appears the less evil.

    • Please do not get distracted from the issues. The more of you they confuse the, the less will vote.

    • Payback? For history? The people today have nothing to do with whatever happened.

    • That is the problem w/ two party system you don’t have any third choice except not to vote if you value your vote. Both parties are just taking their turns one way around.

  • Boom, this guy looks very much alike Miloshevic.

  • This has been known for years.

  • I love you Julian Aasange

  • Okay we’ve known this 4 quite sometime now.

  • Thomas Kokenos

  • I hope this is it for her!!

  • Will you guys hurry up and get to the part when they discuss the assassination of Ambassador Stevens, and make it look like an attack.

  • i don’t believe it.

  • War is a business. If some country can make a buck they will, no matter who they sell to. The name of the game is Money!

    • Are you condoning it? You know those Libyans that we armed gunned down and beheaded Christians.

    • I think she is Jeff, she is okay with Killary selling weapons to our number 1 threat, ISIS.

    • No I’m not. I live in Australia, and am just stating facts. It’s just the same with pharmaceutical companies. They will keep the truth from you just to make money. I hate war and Isis. But governments are greedy bastards, and they lie all the time… God help America if Trump gets in. You have to vote for the lesser of two evils, and good luck with that…

  • Can not stand Julian Assange

    • So rather than listen to what he has presented, you merely discount it and find him more distasteful than a womans actions who is has clearly no regard for human life and rule of law. Gimme a break..!


  • Did we really need Wiki to confirm this? Aren’t they all guilty of that?

    • Yes, we need evidence. Other wise it’s a conspiracy theory.

  • What a surprise

  • How precious. People still believe these guys arn’t in on it. even your Assanges and your Snowdens.

    • They may be, but they’re on the other side. TPTB aren’t united and never have been, contrary to what the little guys thing. Look at the wars in Europe. Different factions of the same royal families.

    • They’re on the other side of the same coin. Controlled opposition, they do raise some awareness tbh but it is still only showing you what the right hand does while the left is slapping you on the head. There is an endless pit of ifo about what is going on, the truth is, it is released purposefully to keep people chasing their tales over and over. People are still being bent to the will of tptb as you call them. Just start acting, make the world a better place, be true and act true, don’t be bent by the endless suggestions. it is a trap for the mind, and these people consciously or not are promoting tbtb will. The real power is with us, they are trying to distract us from that, we are the creators, the rebuilders and the architects. The only power they have is the power we hold in them, and these so called saviours.

  • Hillary For Prison

  • terrorist state

  • Wonder if he has uber dirt Mandee Dhillon Sonia Dar Linda De Melis?

    • Oh God. Does this mean that we might have Trump as president?

  • Tyler Ellis

  • Omg

  • Is this what this page has turned into? You want Bozo the sexual predator for President? Unfollowed. I love your positive messages of inspiration but this is ridiculous.

  • Now let’s hear some of Hillary’s “trash talk.”

  • Hillary was doing what she was told to do. The weapons are not her private property so she can’t sell it just like that. It’s so pointless to blame just Hillary for that.

    • Wrong. To sell weapons to terrorists makes you complicit in there crimes. You do not have to follow criminal orders.

    • I am pretty sure when it comes to the government, you do, or you are out.

    • THE choice is yours…. but iT is your choice … and no excuse … i can do bad by myself …

    • Isis was created long time ago. It was trained in American military base in Turkey by American professionals. So what it makes difference who did it? That was an organized operation. That Isis still exist and America support ISIS. That’s not a secret. Whole word is talking about it. So If is not Hillary, it would be someone else. We need to identify real problem here

    • I completely agree with you and I don’t know you and am not trying to pick a fight, but regardless if she was doing what she was told, she has a duty to do what is right. If this is true then whether she was told or acted on her own it is horrific. As the president you have to decide what is best for the country based on info given to you. If you know it is wrong then you have duty to do what’s right. Trust me neither candidate is honest.

    • Joe Segreto I know that and I totally agree. They are all layers, twisters, corrupted, just name it, and I don’t like any of them, but who cares . But, in first places, if she did all of the above, how come she is running for a president? Do our government know that? There is not way she could sell the weapons to Isis secretly, right?

    • When you’re told to do what’s immoral or inhuman, your duty is to reject or resign even if it’s an order!
      As simple as that!

    • why is she still running for a president if she broke the law??? Helloooo people, she is not the problem, the problem is way dipper 🙂

    • BS, according to the email trail she instigated the sale.

    • And she is going to be our president ha ha ha ha

  • And Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld are the reason there is an ISIS

  • This guy has my respect.

  • She will still end up as the next president

  • The question to ask is WHO HAS NOT SOLD WEAPONS in the last 40 years? Yawn….

  • Watching this electoral campaign I can only feel sorry for the future of the USA and it’s people.

  • Amerika is selling weapons all ovef the world creating situations that suits them to achieve their greedy goals.

  • Who else , not just her Remind me. Who set up isis?

  • Bharat Tony Bharat Vikram

  • Evil Mr. Humphries is no one’s friend.

  • Still controversial by what is exploited.

  • Ups!

  • The rapist thats been running from Swedish justice system hiding in ecuadors ambassy for five years, couse he dont wanna go to jail for raping two Swedish girls. He likes to show how other people do illigal stuff but he wont stand up for his own crimes, coward and a hypocrite is what he is. He can go to hell.

    • The best way for him to hide his crimes is to bring attention to crimes committed by other people…very coward.

    • was a set up, he is alleged to have had sex w/out condom, the one female was a CIA operative!

  • Personally I am done

  • ok Trump!

  • Vote for hRc so she can send YOUR KIDS to fight the terrorist group SHE CREATED?

  • Once I said and I will say it again ,declassified all the classified files and murika’s flag will turn into a pirates’ flag .

  • Murica


  • And cell mate

  • But she allowed it its like saying “I didn’t kill that guy I just gave it to him other guy to shoot him with it”

  • Hillary recently said jihadi might get nuclear weapons in Kashmir …..I think it’s American plan behind all this to make it practical

  • puppets on a string

  • Wikileaks is sponsored by Russia, so I don’t know to completely trust it. You pretty much can’t trust the internet 100% anyway. Oh and other politicians and presidents have approved such things before her, just saying.

  • Patent nonsense!

  • I am not liking this wikileaks person who hides…no way to prove what he is saying is true…pathetic…hiding hiding hiding

  • Can we trust anything he releases?

  • Garbage!!

  • Its amazing the amount of press here in Australia about Trumps sins a decade ago and nothing about Hilary’s participation in anything illegal, immoral, greed etc.

  • He can be my friend when he speaks out about 9/11 being an inside job. Fraud.

  • Poor people still can’t accept Trump is gonna lose. Maybe he can have better chances in Russia to be backed up by his bff Putin

  • They need to follow the money, guarantee it goes higher, much higher..

  • really?

  • Um, duh. The Clinton’s are evil.

  • Is this new? Is it damaging? Will CNN and media cover this? No. Let’s blast Donald instead it’s more fun

  • We trained the ppl that turned around and killed our ppl in 9-11 . Really. Nothing new under the sun.

  • yep God Better bless America and the rest of us.. at this rate..

  • This is how idiots get fooled. Hillary has never been in the position to dictate America’s foreign policy. Much less who gets to buy weapons.

  • Wow. This I have to read.

  • The choice for you is between sell less weapons or sell more weapons. This is all about how foreign politics works from US perspective…you really are surprised about what any non-US citizen knows since long time? This is the way your government fix troubled situation after Vietnam and Iraq war. You want to be safe but you do not want American soldiers to die far and away from home. So the only way is to give weapons to one group to get rid of the other. Weapon industry is happy, American families are happy….who cares about Syrian kids? And, by the way, where the hell is Syria and who really cares?

  • “Hillary Sold Weapons To ISIS” AND… that is why she will become president.

  • didn’t Bush and Cheney have something to do with the middle east conflict…weren’t there lots of lies…and weren’t they republicans?? And didn’t Cheney make lots and lots of money off of that invasion and didn’t his companies sell weapons to whomever???

  • Stuff it Assange ! ! !

  • Where does Assange get his information?

  • Jantavious


  • They should just cancel this election and start over!

  • Sheepeople

    Idiot go home.

  • Patrick Greene

    people are saying it’s false, people are saying it’s true.
    The funny part is – no body really knows what to believe anymore because of so much Cointelpro work, and adopted ideologies discovered in WW2 since Cold War. <_____<

  • Frank Siegert

    Just as her husband? Everyone that is not Sex!

    • spambrando

      Are you just completely stupid? Yeah, you are. Wow…

      • scoupdogg

        @spambrando:disqus are you a weirdo, yes you are, wow…

  • Frank P

    Writing in all caps is considered rude behavior and the equivalent of SHOUTING!!

    Why is Julian Assange still inside the embassy of Ecuador?

    “Mr Assange was in the country (Sweden) in August 2010, to speak at a conference. While he was there he met two women and had sex with them. They later filed complaints of rape and molestation – accusations that he denied. Mr Assange was questioned but never charged, and left the country.

    “On November 20, Interpol issued a Red Notice for Mr Assange’s arrest. A week later he gave himself up, appeared before a judge in Westminster, and in December 2010 was granted bail after his supporters paid £240,000 in cash and sureties.

    “Legal wrangling in the UK continued until June 2012, with the Swedish prosecutors calling for him to be extradited, and Mr Assange’s lawyers saying that if he was sent to Sweden he would be at risk of then being extradited to the US.

    “On June 19, 2012, he fled bail and applied for asylum in Ecuador, through the embassy in Knightsbridge. But police encircled the embassy and refused to allow him to leave: the UK says its courts have ruled he must be sent to Sweden.

    “Ecuador granted Assange asylum in August 2012, but as soon as he sets foot outside the building Britain will deport him to Sweden. He has been inside the embassy ever since.”


  • Nico Toscani

    Clinton and US governments appear to have armed IS, this is the fact, and you should explain why you are claiming to shut off Passage voice.

  • mark toolen

    i have seen this email before “it is now old news” the only place i’ve this is online

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