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70-Year-Old Pat Smith Cleaned Up 52 Beaches in 2018 To Save Our Planet

We do not have a backup planet but still, we keep running down the only one we have. We take the best it has to offer and in return cover it in refuse that slowly kills it. But there are…

10 Things Women Do That Attract Men Like A Magnet

Everyone has their distinctive preferences when it comes to literally anything. Some people prefer thin women, some prefer plump women, and some have no opinions about bodies, but pay attention to other matters. However, researchers have derived that there are…

32 Male Secrets That Girls Don’t Know About

It is entirely possible the two sexes will perpetually be at odds with each other and never really achieve a true understanding of each other. But that is no reason to absolutely give up, is it now?

20 Parents Confess The Mistakes That They Regret More Than Anything

Parenting is not easy. Especially, when you consider the recent pool of studies that show that parenting in the traditional way is actually harmful to the child. While the proverb ‘Spare the rod, spoil the child’ may sound catchy, it…

15 Overheard Stories About How Great It Is To Have A Child

If there is one thing that instantly evokes interest among family members, it is the anecdotes of children. There is no picture as beautiful as a happy child and no music as sweet as their laughter. No story is as…

11 Things All Happy Couples Do Before They Go to Sleep

Couples have their own ritual before they go to sleep. It could be as simple as talking about their day, or as weird as discussing their favorite conspiracy theory. But whatever it is, it is their own time, and they…

11 Photos Show That Women Have Super Powers

Men and women are different in certain ways. Women can actually see more shades of color, their immunity is stronger, and they’re better at empathy and intuition and multitasking. Women can even detect threats in a way that men cannot.

12 Overheard Stories Proving That Meeting The Parents Can Be Hilarious

Meeting your partner’s parents can be complicated, to say the least. You never really know if they would like you. Or the kind of questions they would be throwing at you.