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14 Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations That Will Inspire You

Celebrities have to look “perfect” according to the societal norms. It is expected that they will have glowing skin, a tiny waist, a chiseled body, and a sharp jawline.

The Heart-Touching Story Of Chloe And Her Six Children

It has been a topic of debate for a long time now whether or not motherhood should be a choice. Women should be given the power to choose when they want to nurture a child if at all they want…

16 Celebrity Couples Who Prove That True Love Can Last Forever

How often do we see celebrity couples that last a lifetime? The world of glamour can also be harsh and ruthless, taking a toll on human relationships. It is very common for stars to lose their sense of self and…

8 Amazing Facts About Airplanes You Probably Didn’t Know

Even the smallest detail of a plane is meticulously thought out and crafted to perfection. This is what makes air travel so safe and efficient.

This Modeling Agency Only Hires Models Over 45 To Challenge The Fashion Industry And They Look Beautiful

Fashion will fade eventually when the seasons change, but the style remains eternal. The fashion industry sadly holds onto certain preconceived notions regarding age and it’s about time that these stereotypes are shattered. A Russian modeling agency has decided to…

The 19 Richest Actors With The Highest Net Worth

Cinema – love it or hate it, you can’t deny it’s a million-dollar industry. Most of us love to watch movies which is why it is an extremely profitable line of business to be in. A lot of content that…

A Mother Of 3 Shares Fitness Tips On How To Get Back In Shape

After the birth of a baby, you don’t get time for yourself. There is no opportunity to hit the gym when you know that the baby back home can demand their mother’s presence anytime. But every mother wishes to get…

Earth Becoming Hotter Has Led Russian Islands To A State Of Emergency

From December of 2018, the inhabitants of the Novaya Zemlya islands have seen at least 50 bears entering residential zones.