Australia Begins Microchipping Its Public

Australia Becomes First Country To Begin Microchipping Its Public

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  1. Jill Renfroe says:

    Mike Renfroe you called it 15 years ago when I got Jake microchiped

  2. I better be dead before this comes to the US. I will Not get this done.

  3. really when were they going to tell us

  4. Mike Brannan says:

    never gonna happen to this guy

  5. Rowey Salmon says:

    Some of us new this was coming more than twenty years ago. Guess once you get microchipped like a gig, we will be connected now to the yr electric smart meter, smart Tele, forget yr bank card, you will just swipe yr inserted chip instead of your bank card, no passport needed, just scan yourself as you go. Hey ho. It’s arrived.

  6. Rowey Salmon says:

    Francie was not too far off with her dates Jan?!!!!

  7. Where? Im in australia,.this is not happening and no way australians will agree to this..bogus this is

  8. Ian Johnson says:

    Wake up to yourselves. Fair dinkum!

  9. Ann Peterson says:

    I’m with you I’ll die first.

  10. it might spread ya know :v

  11. We won’t have a choice.

  12. Tiểu Cầm says:

    Never gonna happen bro :)))

  13. Ric Curl says:

    Well its the mark of the beast or 666 to take your soul to hell. Refuse no matter what happens its a battle between good and evil now so the good wins when all the smoke clears so make your choice.

  14. Ian Johnson says:

    Hes already got a bhp chip

  15. Loss of being free…now being control by the govt

  16. Mirjam Pey says:

    Agreed. And this is how so called news spreads!

  17. Pro and cons to this, but honestly I can see this becoming a serious con in the near future, if in the wrong hands. Which we clearly all know the ruling class isn’t and never will use this the right way!

  18. best way to control crime, nothing to worry if you got nothing to hide

  19. Haven’t heard or read a word about this and I’m in Australia. This is BS

  20. U must be a special kind of stupid to believe this crap

  21. Joe Gesa says:

    I am not happy with my phone tracking my movements. I am certainly not getting chipped. .

  22. Ok..I have just read d article..just because one stupid moron from Australia sells her soul to the devil does not mean d rest of Australians are that stupid 🙂 , she’ll regret it one day when she realizes her life is owned..:)

  23. Kelly Taylor says:

    It’s simple start complaining now to your banks refuse to use them if they start requiring us to have it. If we all do it they have no choice but to listen.

  24. My god they’ve been doing it for decades.

  25. Mike Palma says:

    That will be the day!!

  26. Jason Smith says:

    Oh the humanity. Will someone think of the children.

  27. Kelly Taylor says:

    It’s been on tge media where reporters are being guinea pigs and endorsing them as safe and useful. You can add store apps to the chip by downloading them on the chip aswell as PayPal.

  28. Kelly Taylor what media outlets? Do you mean in Australia?

  29. Harry Wiebe says:

    This thing is 100% hackible just like every other human entity . This is a bet made by the possessors of this knowledge in presuse of money from those that lack knowledge of this scam .

  30. And people laughed at David Ike when he said that this was already happening in the world – beware

  31. Nick Guice says:

    This is the cave man mentality which views any technology more complex than a pair of scissors with superstition.

  32. Nils Baan says:

    Total control of people horrofing

  33. Pieter Rubingh veel plezier daar

  34. What a debate this will create. Juliana España Keller

  35. So “Big Brother” has arrived. We already have the BBC acting as the Ministry of Truth by back editing old comedy shows so they can be politically correct today. Next will be our TV’s becoming “Telescreens”. (See George Orwell 1984)

  36. Anyone who lets this happen is obviously too stupid to live on this planet. Unfortunately I do know people that think this is a great idea. Because they are too lazy to flip a switch. Sad but true.

  37. this is because there is no money left in the world and the only way they know how to stay in control is digitize it, if we collectively refuse this the banking and control system go down… bible beast or no bible beast this is the truth

  38. Wendy Boes Kooi , your comments are that lame, i could control you and you would like it

  39. Ric Curl says:

    Well Karma Jo Jo I see you have done your homework on this subject..I am happy to see that comment here <3

  40. do you actually think before you speak

  41. Natasha Ledger Thank you for the insult, Im sorry I didn’t realised I can’t say my opinion without asking you for approval

  42. Not conforming to the mark in my family take note

  43. Kath Fisher says:

    NO!! Hoax .. go to Snopes , Hoax-Slayer slayers or That’s ThatsNonsense and find out for youself.. just becuase it’s on an internet page doesn’t make it true!

  44. Sounds like you work for them. Either that or you’ve suffered some kind of head trauma .

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