20 Shocking Pictures Illustrate The Sad Reality Of Everyday Life

20 Shocking Pictures Illustrate The Sad Reality Of Everyday Life.

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  1. The image are amazingly accurate, scary and sad…

    To make an impact the images need to be posted separately and often…

    Time to awaken the Zombies


  2. Becky Gibson says:

    Why do most of these have to do with electronics? Most electronics have good uses. Just because some people don’t use them for good reasons doesn’t mean they’re bad things to have

  3. Julie Timms says:

    Darren Lindill saw this thought of you

  4. Febe Ramon says:

    Thomas. Beetje luguber soms maar ik denk dat je deze wel interessant gaat vinden.

  5. Inderdaad interessant.
    Er zit diepte in.

  6. John Pauls says:

    This is so true , even more so when you add puppet strings to the children and the parents of the kids dangling them in front of the grand mother . All to often this sickness from the parents they do to their own parents and step parents . They knowingly carve them up till there is nothing left .

  7. Mary Verdon says:

    What price love .?

  8. tha’t so funny….web is plenty of this kind of images….then the same web sites ask for a “like” on facebook…..such a bullshit

  9. Trisha Doyle says:

    I can’t imagine sex with a phone near

  10. Elena Fernandez
    Nan Perez

  11. Sawsan Jaber says:

    exactly…Sad Realities

  12. Fantastiskt! En kultur på nedgång. Ett samhälle i föruttnelse.

  13. Ja, det er som verden ser ud idag.

  14. Karl Alberts says:

    They truly capture the ugly side of our world….

  15. The irony that I agree, yet read it through a social media forum.. sigh

  16. People who practice these sad truth should wake up…and stop promoting their addictions of it to other people who intend to go the opposite way…

  17. The warnings were and are there.

  18. Asianspyko says:

    Awesome recall…. we’re all lost !

  19. Emeric Dobos says:

    ugly truth … 🙁

  20. Allan Carpenter says:

    If it is really true that the majority of people are used by technology and they don’t use technology for a purpose why would that be? When a see infants they are full of energy and enthusiasm but when they go to school it all stops. It happened before television was invented. I don’t believe that technology is the culprit. The one about books dying is a bit sad. There just isn’t time now. There is so much information in shorter forms that there is just not much time left for long stories.

  21. Damir Zukić says:

    Maybe it’s our decision if we want to be obsessed with media and technology or just use it when we really need it. People are so into fb they don’t realize some posts are not other people’s lives and there is always someone who likes to criticize.

  22. levenyak says:

    Now this is contemporary art!

  23. Jianz says:

    True indeed! Be careful in this world, the devil are trying us to control! God is alive! He just need you to call him through all your prayers! ask God ! seek God! and you will find happiness in your heart though our Lord Jesus Christ! Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. God Bless y’all

  24. Elisabeth Frankish says:

    Yes! Halleluja!

  25. xyzndrz says:

    sad that the writer did not pay the respect to the authors of the original artwork used in this story. would really want to know who has created them and take a look at their other works. such use of artwork is stealing, you can correct it very easily – including the names or blogs of the authors to the post.

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