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14 Habits Of People With Concealed Depression.

Concealed depression appears with a set of symptoms that affect many areas of one’s life. It is not necessary for someone who has depression to show all the symptoms of the disorder.

The severity of symptoms varies with each person but differentiated and in the same individual over time.

More specifically, the main symptoms that can show someone when you have depression, are the following:

1.They Hide Their Symptoms, Not Their Anxieties

They never hide their anxiety because it is common. Rather they hide their symptoms because symptoms can blow their cover.

2.They Are Often Anxious About Their Own Anxiety

Depressed people often stress themselves even more because they don’t want others to know their condition.

3.They Are Outgoing Yet Introverted, Very Social But Rarely Outdoors

They like being with people and they like going for outings, but for a limited time period which depends on their mood.

4.They Make Things Worse For Themselves By Suppressing Their Feelings

They don’t want others’ pity. They just want to be like any other person and hence, hide their feelings and emotions. This makes it harder for people to know they are depressed.

5.They Are Talented And Expressive; Often In Unexpected Ways

Since they are not outgoing or very expressive, they don’t seem very talented but they have hidden talents which need to be explored.

6.Abnormal Sleeping And Eating Habits

They overthink everything and hence, exhaust their brain which results in abnormal habits.

7.They Are Perpetually Searching For A Purpose In Life

They find their lives meaningless. This adds up to their anxiety.

8.They Are Thinkers And Problem-Savers

This is one of their talents. Anxiety teaches them to handle problems.

9.They Don’t Trust Easily, But They Sure Are Great At Convincing Others That They Do

They do this because they don’t want you to nag at them.

10.They Seek Love And Acceptance While Assuming They Are Hated By Everyone

The negativity inside them won’t let them feel loved.

11.They Desire Control

Everything is chaos in their life. Hence, they desire anything that can offer control.

12.They Are Smart But Often Doubtful

Self-doubt and negativity won’t let them see the good things.

13.They Are Self-Regulating Individuals

To fit in, they always keep themselves in check.

14.Subtle Cries For Help

If you observe them daily, you can tell that they are hiding something; usually their moment of weakness.

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