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Why Being With An Alpha Female Is The Best Relationship You Could Have

Alpha Female
  • In your face kind of woman. And that other too….

  • You name her alpha woman, real life names her, bitch….

  • being an alpha female who is also an overt empath lead me to be suckered into two disastrous marriages which despite my best efforts to find middle ground, failed. both knew what they had and through insecurity and envy, tried to crush my spirit through severe malignant narcissism. choose a partner wisely if you are an alpha female.i have learned to be wary.

    • Keep your strength girl! Don’t ever let someone chain you ore make you someone your not. Be proud and stay open! High five, you’re not alone in this

    • keeping all but a chosen few at arm’s length. being sympathetic and offering help to two pathological liars almost killed me.i know better now.. my life is my own.

  • letters are reserved for men , numbers for women 😛

  • Darrin Stogsdill..on point!

  • Been there, done that. Too many tendencies towards narcissism… No thanks. I’ll pick a balanced female over a “Alpha” female any day of the week. However, some guys really need a Alpha female to balance them out. They’re just not for me.

    • Heather Jones

      balanced female? I think maybe you aren’t sure what an alpha is exactly.

  • Being an alpha female is pretty bad ass. I have everything I need and nothing I don’t. My life is my way.

    I’m not in your face, I rarely even concern myself with others and their opinions.

    Life is good!

    • Devon Shire

      You’re lying to yourself. It’s sad.

  • Oh yeah!!!

  • Not bad… Its the truth…..

  • Really! I about to get rid of one! Or am I mistaking an NPD for one? Nut case!

  • Wave Txlitl Met

    “A woman moved is like a fountain troubled, muddy, ill-seeming, thick, bereft of beauty. And while it is so, none so dry or thirsty, will deign to sit or touch one drop of it.” Shakespeare. I am for strong women. I am not for shrews.

  • How bout this


  • Natashia Bertke

  • Put it up your ads do you like it

  • not a good representation of alpha females. we treat all with the respect they give us.

  • I’d run away from that one.

  • Martha D Leadback

    Give me an alpha lady any time men need a strong hand it keeps them attentive

  • Devon Shire

    Hmm, so that’s an alpha woman, ay? All my life I’ve known her as “asshole.”

  • Very interesting article…thanks for sharing !

  • OK ! Et pour les hommes c’est …..béta !

  • I feel like im heading to Alpha mode and its never about being the boss for me , I’m always trying to get him to see he’s worth more then he thinks he is worthy of #AlphaArising

  • If you have to tell people that you’re a “alpha female” you aren’t really because if you were there would be no need for you to state it your actions and behavior would speak for themselves and true alphas know that.

  • Great article. I never speak on this kind of stuff but I love the fact that people recognize the power of a independent woman.

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