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When Her Son Needed A Friend, This Dog’s Response Brought Mom To Tears

Man's Best Friend
  • i lv this

  • Mon moment mouchoir de la journée

  • That gave me tears . Dogs are really a beautiful gift from our loving creator Jehovah God

  • What a sweet dog!!!!!!!!!!

  • So touching.

  • Our daughter has downs and autism. Children are a gift from God. All of them How did you work for Jehovah’s witnesses?

    • I don’t know how that got there Donna , will get my daughter to change that . Everything we do is for Jehovah , all voluntary never asking for money

    • Didn’t want anyone to get wrong thought my brother.

  • Fuck off with the god thing and music, THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL!. ✌✌✌ 🙂

    • Mr Hawkins why such strong language? Why is are you so intimidated by the word God.

    • Sorry I spelled your name wrong. Mr Hawken

    • Coz Isz offended. Lol

    • Alleluia!.

    • Jehovah’s Witnesses are here to stay Benny , because they don’t believe dogs came about by an accidental explosion then evolved from some fantasy mud puddle. Lovely to see you praising Jehovah too Benny , that’s what all Hallelujah means

    • Amen smarty Marty!. 😉

  • Dogs are like family. They are even better than human sometimes.

  • It is sooo beautiful

  • Love this

  • Nou wat makeer wie het jou seer gemaak Toemaar netnou is alles oor en Mamma hier

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