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What Happens One Hour After Drinking A Can Of Coke

  • Abygail Martell

  • Wow

  • Clickbaiting to the max!

  • Bollocks, not everyone drinks it!

  • ωσω Nice :|] ѕтαу σи

    Bot Đến Đây ! 😀
    =>TANGLIKE .ML<=

  • I wasn’t raised on soda and rarely drank it in my life. It is disturbing to see toddlers and young children drinking soda, not only very unhealthy but bad for their teeth!

  • I never drank a can in my life

  • scary

  • I’ve always hate it!!!!fortunately i belong to the 10% of people on earth who dont drink and i’m really happy for this!!!! 🙂

  • It’s sucks trying to get off it because it’s so addicting

  • I do not. I don’t take caffeine either

  • Try this. Find a badly discoloured copper coin, and drop it in a small amount of Coke. Give it a little while, and you will see what it does to theat coin. Now imagine it happening to your internal organs. Not nice

  • That’s why I quite coke for almost 2 years. No more joint aches & heartburn, acid reflux …

  • Sandra Teakel

  • Knew it was true

  • Not me, I gave up soda about 12 years ago!

  • It’s Coca-Cola. There you go. Saved you a click.

  • Osama Riaz

  • Coca Cola.

  • Drink more water

  • NOT everyone drinks this rubbish!!!

  • Ahhh…Croca-Cola…it does not matter what new information regarding the dangers of consumiing this stuff so people just do not get it…..

  • I don’t

  • water??… no not everyone drinks soda…

  • once saw a can of soda put through a water filter that could filter gallons of water but after that one soda that filter was clogged I remember thinking Well No More soda,s for Me . I love my bodies filter system don’t need to be clogging it all up with soda pop ~

  • Dante Garcia

  • You need to read this

  • Water is life. Biology was a good course. 😉

  • Jacob Muralles

  • Soda??!

  • Rita Cockrell Homeier

  • High Fructose corn syrup is the drink, I’ve saved you 5 mins

  • Gennifer Johnson

    Gave up soda in 2004. I drink lots of water, decaf tea, occasional cup of decaf coffee and a La Croix flavored water once in a while. However, my mom is addicted to Come. 3 to 6 cans a day. She won’t drink water, she refuses. It’ll be the death of her.

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