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This is how you become unattractive and you’re not aware of it

  • Anushree Joshi read this

  • So so true

  • This is ridiculous. Anyone w more than two of these traits is unaware and not capable of being a friend. Who would accept such a “friend”?

  • It’s simple : be yourself. Be authentic.

  • Such traits are Psychiatrically and Psychologically treatable.

  • Michael Harris

    Competition isn’t always a bad thing, it can be used to motivate others. Like the example given, they overcome they fear of heights by 10ft. You could take the “I did 30ft” as a way to motivate them to go higher, to fight their fear and push themselves that bit further. The Pessimism one isn’t as simple as being positive or negative. I myself have a lot of what could be considered pessimistic views, beliefs and opinions, but I also have a lot of optimistic hopes, beliefs and views. Negativity/Postivity is subjective, someone will see love as a negative but will see friendships as a positive. What is negative to one person will be positive to another. I would rather share my negative aspects as well as my positive aspects, otherwise I am being dishonest, and according to the article is unattractive, I agree.

    But again, Attractive is subjective to individuals. I believe to an extent we all see outer beauty before inner beauty. But again, beauty is subjective. I will openly admit it might be a pretty face and nice figure that attracts me, but if the personality doesn’t match the looks then nah. There is no such thing as Black or White (Positive or Negative) in this world, we have flaws and that is what makes us. Someone will be attracted to your flaws, and love you for it.

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