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This Couple’s Nude Photo Shoot Has Gone Viral For An Excellent Reason.

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is not “perfect” nor should it be. Beauty is all around you if you open your eyes and really see. The dew on a spider web, the song of a bird, a rainy day, the sunrise & sunset.
    We are more “beautiful” and sweeter with age.

  • Aweeee so sweet.

  • Love that binds nothing else matters

  • I just love LOVE

  • Thats the kinda love i want .its beautiful and pure .not letting society or others tell them how they should be . #lovewithoutlimits

  • Nothing worse than watching two “hot” people pretend to “love” each other. The beauty for me is in the love itself. Seeing people really loving each other is what makes them “hot”!

  • So beautiful!!!

  • Brave and bold.

  • so awerome!!!!!!..Love is One Soul that lives in two bodies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I can’t find the words to describe my thoughts and feelings that this image have brought up in me as an older adult. I find a peace in the images, with age comes acceptance of ones self and the world around us.

  • What ever

  • Just beautiful…love is beautiful

  • True love and acceptance. Beautiful.

  • Siddharth Rawat

    I just want to die before i turn 60.

    • Liz Dingeldei


    • YTQ

      You’ll change your mind when you’re about 59 1/2.

  • Well, physically we do change but love isn’t physical. It is an essence, an intangible. This is absolutely lovely.

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