Russell Brand Calls the Queen by Her REAL Family Name and The Media Goes Crazy!

  • I`ve always said this (well not in those actual words)…`NOBODY is better then you and YOU are better noboby.

  • Royalty and Religion – proof that most of the world is not out of the Middle Ages yet.

  • Did you know Russell Brand’s real name is Skinny Bell End

  • Russell Is nothing else but an ignorant moron with no respect for anyone

  • He only told the truth

  • Someone is desperate for media attention – again !!!

  • You CIA deleted my post. The royal family are German origin….they are also affiliated with the Rothchilds bank….fuck the Queen of evil

  • This is gold .

  • This is beyond insane. Oh god how i Love this World, and just despise it all at the same time. The sheeple are too brainwashed.

  • Good publicity stunt for you Russell, go pick on someone your own size.

  • Well done Russell someone telling the truth. The brainwashed will know when it’s too late. Her and the rothschilds are evil cunt’s that own the government the media the banks around the world. And won’t new world order. We are slaves wake up.

  • Guess that application for Russell’s knighthood fell through.

  • In 1714, her family moved from an area which is now Germany but then was called Hanover, to succeed Queen Anne, a cousin who died without a living heir. 302 years ago!

  • What’s in a name, or majestic figurehead of an enduring and sustainable Global Empire, “Mr. Brand?” That fake intellectual needs to stick to his strengths like drinking, drugs and poor one dimensional putrid acting that no one sober can bloody tolerate. He’s either high, again… or part of a lil’ secret society of his own. Russel Brand = Sure Bran LSD (high fiber thinking juice), or maybe Eldurs Nab Sr? *cough* (we know who those men are, right?) *cough* Eldurs Ran Bs *cough*…. or perhaps he’s an infamous Putin lullaby sleeper hackney (classical definition) agent encouraging revolution in a democratically elected country, again — Mr. USSR Ran Del B? That’ how stupid dissecting names can be, you turkish delightful fukboi… He’s clearly a person of, “Middle Eastern,” descent or whatever polite way we’re supposed call terrorists nowadays…. For that unwashed scum, who (wisely?) thinks protective borders are a novel and antiquated idea — ummmm, huh? For that subversive jihadist sympathizer to, ‘call-out,’ the root origin ethnicity of the Saxony inside the Anglo…. is so tragically ridiculous in it’s duplicitous, ‘purebred,’ ignorANT nature… it makes me want to cry, stick a needle in his eye and have Prince Harry take him out behind the motherfukcing toolshed and whip his pathetic pig-stymied brain into rationale lucidity. Whoever dares calls my Nanna a fuking Nazi is going to pay the price — but that’s just me. I mean, is there anything more anti-national socialist that the crown that broke Hitler’s bloody back in the defense of the jeweled island he could never capture and lost the war trying to posses? Whatever history book Russel has had access to, he’s been shoving it up his rear, instead of reading it!!! Literally, Hitler’s fascination with taking England, handed the war to the Russians and saved Stalingrad… why am I always the smartest person in the git danged room with you imbeciles? It’s a horrible feeling of pressured desperation for the human race no one should ever desire. Fukc this useless life…

    Don’t those gap toothed, crooked nosed, foul breathed Brits have a, ‘homeland security,’ apparatus or something? How fukcing useless are those Scots in the Yard? Jesus… Those poor inbreeders have suffered more at the hands of global terrorism than any of us on this doomed planet for decades upon decades running… That uncircumcised heathen is a foul mouthed uncreative simpleton that has no git danged clue about the necessary influence and honored role of moral in the maintenance of something worthy. What a fooking idiot? If that retart, with a short-circuited brain from an alcoholic mother and unwashed name changing father of his own, wants to talk wasted resources on, ‘useless figureheads,’ why doesn’t he take a look at the pure fustercluck we have goin’ on here in Murica’ with our upteenth term Congressmen sportin’ single digit approval ratings that can simply never be fired? Gimme that matron mum, any [email protected] day over a fuking soiled long-term politician in the pocket of the bulls on bWall Street. Where the fook does he get the gall and balls to complain about such senseless drivel — what motivates Mr. Russel Brand? If you think your freedom, over his, is what motivates him — you couldn’t be more wrong, or high off your non-thinking a$s

    Now I see why Katy Perry dumped his mentally diseased, drug addicted and scatter brained useless assh0le. God save the Queen, fukc that useless pathologically pathetic Russel Brand(ed) liar.

  • Does he have a brother named Trump. Don’t no why you are even posting this kind of trashy journalism

  • Dee Walker

    leave meat off your plate and close down all the slaughter houses in the UK which do far more harm than a little old lady in a shiny hat in a castle ( which by the way she had no choice in the matter i.e whether to become Queen or where her family came from) you would be saving at least £2bn per year (dairy costings uk/cost of milk production 2015/how much does it cost to produce a litre of milk/cost of milk production uk margin over purchased feed definition…….
    now you can have 100,000 nurses and police but oh wait the dumb govt will give it to the refugees – yes this offing country needs a shake up but the Queen is the least of your worries – or should be x

    • NUTTY

      Are you high?

    • Rollo10

      “how much does it cost to produce a litre of milk”

      Depends whose the cow is and how much you pay the maid!
      The cow produces milk by eating grass, which grows freely. The maid will take approx 2 minutes to get 1 litre from a cow!
      The majority of costs are put on by Corporations, who now own these ‘farms’. Most of UK milk in imported and what farms are left are Foreign owned.

  • The man’s a twat who thinks by insulting people who can not have a go back makes him smart he is as intelligent as toilet tissue but less useful.

  • His brand ( no pun intended) of ‘humour’ has always been to belittle others. Shows he feels inferior if he has to get his kicks from bullying. He really is a total low life.

  • Stuart Harper

  • We need more people like russell in the world.

  • Pat vert-beville

    He clearly doesn’t know his history. Look at the lineage and you will see all the various European influences in the Royal families. Personally I think our Royal family has served us well, and is 100% British. The Queen is respected world wide , what they all stand for is the United Kingdom. Our England our history our Queen.Our history is our monarchy and no one in the world has the same line or continuity as we do. Our castles our troops our core beliefs ,our parliament West Minster Abby our churches are all interconnected to our Royalty. It is the very fabric of our lives for this half wit to demean all of us is ignorance,who is he he has no morals ,he’s a rich entertainer ,comedian and a big mouth. Who would you follow into battle to defend your country, if the Queen asks you to I’m with her and William and Harry

    • Rollo10

      When has our nation been attacked?
      WW1 & 2 were both created by the bankers, just as the next will be!
      Our Soldiers are currently in Syria, illegally, trying to steal land, gold and oil for the bankers. Just as they did in Iraq and Libya.

      Due to anti-German sentiment in the United Kingdom during World War I, George V changed the name of his branch from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to Windsor in 1917. The same happened in 1920 in Belgium, where it was changed to “van België” (Dutch) or “de Belgique” (French).

  • salad spinner

    He’s a douche.

    • NUTTY

      And you’re somebody??? Pmsl.

  • Dorothy Comerford

    in the war our Queen was training as a mechanic and served her people well in the war against the so called Germans you say she is….you are a joke mate take up knitting…

    • NUTTY

      She’s a Kraut! These cess pit knuckle dragging paedophiles should be locked up in the tower!
      You Kowtowing blue noser.

  • Rollo10

    “The controversial claims change the opinion of many people about the whole royal family:”

    Why is it controversial to state facts? Here is the Royal Family Tree, the queens line can be traced back.
    Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is a German dynasty:
    “Due to anti-German sentiment in the United Kingdom during World War I, George V changed the name of his branch from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to Windsor in 1917. The same happened in 1920 in Belgium, where it was changed to “van België” (Dutch) or “de Belgique” (French).

  • Valdoria

    He is right you know. The idea of a person or family to “rule” over the masses is preposterous.

  • It’s the persons/families above the monarchies and presidents we should trash and knock of their throne.

  • Mrs. Bratwurst-Kraut-Nazi …ha ha ha 😉

  • Pity her Majesty no longer has the power to put him in the Tower Of London. Hang, Draw, and Quarter him, then place his head on the wall of Winsor Castle.

  • …. Zip it! … Opportunist ….

  • I’d say the German woman GOING made over brtexit ha ha

  • All the more power to Russell, he knows we all are equal

  • She’s a bitch and a whore. Hate her with all my being Brandy Berlin Kat Kensington

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