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Nestle CEO: Water Is Not A Human Right, Should Be Privatized

Nestle CEO
  • How about air? Shall we privatize that to?

    • Here in New Zealand, the Moari’s have already tried. I kid of course, but they did for water.

  • You have a right to the water ? We don’t?

    Fuck off bitch

  • WTF

  • Zionist jew

  • I would cut off this son-of-a-bitch’s water supply, including anything else that contains water.
    Then let’s see how long it’ll take for him to change his mind!

  • You just lost follower

  • Another one who shouldbe jailed.

    • why jail? To feed imbeciles of this kind from the money that goverments take from us from taxes? Others work and pay taxes and others stay in prison and conssuming for what? We don’t need them. Take their values money cars bank accounts and let them “drink” their paid waters.

  • Killed without saying a word and thrown to pigs…these people are the glorification of the sinister in the human race. The Ultimate Endless Macabre Circus that we are nowadays

  • This has been debunked already.

  • I think you should give a million £ to water aid for being such an arsehole! Hey motherfucker, the milky bars are on me!

  • Foooool everlasting idiot

  • boycot nestle !!! until he resigns !!!

  • I’m no apologist for Nestle, but this quotation has been lifted out of context. He was talking about swimming pools and golf courses. Please read this quote from an MSNBC source:

    “Water is a human right. I fully agree with that,” Brabeck-Letmathe said, noting that the around 30 liters a day needed for basic living should be provided without charge to those who can’t afford it. But that amount only accounts for around 1.5 percent of the fresh water destroyed daily, he said.

    He’s more concerned about the other 98.5 percent. “I don’t think it’s a human right to fill up a swimming pool. I don’t think it’s a human right to wash cars. I don’t think it’s a human right to water a golf course,” he said.

    • Thank-you! That makes a BIG difference.

    • Maybe it shouldn’t be a human right that he has so much goddamn money then.

    • If that is the case then why in some states you will get arrested if you collect rain water!

    • but if they could they would Jean Callary. a book written by Jean Ziegler in the 70s called ‘A Switzerland above all suspicion’ already denounced the big corporations attitude.

    • It should be demanded that anyone profiting obscenely from a natural precious resource should pay dearly to keep our precious resource clean and plentiful and non polluted

  • Just stop buying bottled water. Period.

  • Matenlo

  • Raving lunatic…

  • Greed is a terrible thing.

  • Money money money

  • Nestle has been on a ‘ boycott ‘. List for a long time.

  • We will have to pay for our air next. Piss off

  • NO EXCUSES – everyone on the planet should have access to safe drinkable water.

  • what an ASSHOLE

  • There must be a sentences that came before and after. No human being will say such a thing. It must be out of context

  • You couldn’t pay me to drink bottled water. Some people seem addicted to it, so what are they putting into the water.

  • This asshat probably has a pool, washes his car and plays golf. Boycott!!

  • Next thing you know they’ll be wanting to tax farmers dams & all rainwater tanks , Jehovah God created the rain & he lets it fall down on us free

  • Another evil Fuck

  • Nothing but cold greed in those corporate eyes……no human compassion !

  • Should die screaming.

  • The video that goes with this, doesn’t support anything that is written in the article, so what’s the point of it?

  • Idioot

  • Boycotted all Nestlé products sometime ago. Any company who uses child labour to produce goods ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  • Wtf….WATER is a God given right….not just for the rich

  • Nestle CEO not human?

  • This is just a random text combined video a video that hasn’t anything to do with that. It is just simple and lame Clickbait, like all the other “articles”, so “Truth Inside Of You” can fill you with a lot of lies and stories, so they make the World a worse place and earn a lot moneys from ads! Hurrah!

    • This is not the first time Nestle’s been called out for this. This page is not the first to point this out.

    • Water as a human right is an extreme? Is that your argument. Should it be considered like mineral rights, it fell from the sky after evaporating; you only have rights to the one eighth of an inch of topsoil in your parcel, and dam you if your shit decomposes and drains deeper than that its not yours any more and if it has Prozac in it here is your fine for contaminating our water. Don’t mind our fracking fluids, we pump what we can back out to sell to irrigate farmland and fuck you the water table is a ‘mineral property’ we own so don’t worry about it.

    • Kristine Koch True, but this is just a poor clickbait article, which dosn’t really make that much sense. He said something else actually, as other people already stated in this thread, but people don’t click anything on the Web unless it is provoking them, so therefore they clickbaitified the artcile (changed the facts with lies), so people would read it and get frustrated!

  • What’s that make this old faggot then?

  • Asshole

  • What these folks (Nestle) are trying to do with water is what Monsanto has done with seeds….corner the market…become a monopoly…this is not in the National best interest..only thier best interest and bottom line. They need to be stopped.

  • Easy to fix anyway you look at it. Don’t buy it.

  • This fuca not only looks evil, he is EVIL!!!!

  • Go f yourself asshole !!!!

  • have sling shot….let’s be David vs. Goliath….

  • Brittney Meow

    wow, I hope his mother is proud of who he has become 🙁

    • Ken A Coker

      Seriously? His mother would of course be proud. Were do you think he inherited his lack of morals and ethics?

  • To his opinion… ”What you should do with yr opinion”

  • He is also an idiot!

  • Corporate pigs.

  • idioot

  • What if I decide u don’t have the right to breath

  • this is the reason human race is loosing the race.. greedy grubs like this

  • Let this guy be the first to be disallowed
    his quota of water and then reinterview
    him on the 5th day.. Surely he would do it for his company’s benefit ..

    • It may also interrupt his days of golf as golf courses are one of the biggest water wastes of all time, not unlike golf or the rediculous amounts they are paid to spurt this crap. He is welcome to make his coffee with the local pool water if he is so concerned.. Up to 9 litres is wasted on a toilet flush also,
      but I don’t hear them screaming to take control of that water..

  • He is not human , for sure!

  • and I say to Nestle CEO “Go fuck yourself!!”

  • This pissant doesn’t have the right to keep breathing the air of freedom. Lock the sucker up, eh?

  • this should be illegal.

  • That greedy ba$tard will say anything to get what he wants. He’s probably a Hitlery follower.

  • I make it a point to avoid Nestlé products if at all possible.

    This evil asshat said this sometime back and it’s the same greedy inhuman mindset as the epipen witch; off shoring the company and raising prices from under a $100 to $600 dollars for the meds.

    It’s the most evil thing, love of money and material goods over all living things like these creatures are doing (they’re not human).

  • Is he an alien aye.

  • “Why in this century does this imbicile think he has the right to make such an audacious remark”

  • Like it has been said, the next world war will not be over oil but water…. Who made him God, Psssh.

  • repost from sub
    Water as a human right is an extreme? Is that your argument. Should it be considered like mineral rights, it fell from the sky after evaporating; you only have rights to the one eighth of an inch of topsoil in your parcel, and dam you if your shit decomposes and drains deeper than that its not yours any more and if it has Prozac in it here is your fine for contaminating our water. Don’t mind our fracking fluids, we pump what we can back out to sell to irrigate farmland and fuck you the water table is a ‘mineral property’ we own so don’t worry about it.
    Edited: yes run on sentence so the fuck what

    • Maybe you should find what he actually said instead of reading an article by some lying dumbass. He stated that 98% of water is going to purposes other than drinking. He said that water for human consumption should be considered a basic human right, but water for filling pools and washing cars are not basic human rights. That’s what he said, and I’m not defending him or the company but what’s the point of lying about what he said?

    • Here is the full piece if you can pull your head out of your ass

    • This is the Net – Nobody cares about the real story! They just love yabbing about what they think that the clickbait-article (that Truth inside of you never wrote. Just like all the other articles) might or might not be stating! 😛

    • Ah so personal attacks in lieu of any intelligent discourse. Not sure why I’d expect any different. So you paid real close attention to one part without context and ignored him talking about making water available to everybody and not just limited few which is what public water rights would essentially do. I’m not even sure what you’re really against here, just whining about big business I guess? How about you go find a solution and put him out of business or quit bitching about things you don’t even understand.

    • Here it is in English, whore shit grin

      ok he mentions that 5 liters is necessary for hydration and is a human right, should not allow any one company to (wait back up a second, how important water is to the long term survival of our company), ? “no company should” have the possibility to be making money with water, the 5 liters bit, 25 for sanitation, (so WE need to put a price on it, after all its just another foodstuff, and no one will respect it unless we do), and by the way you need it to prepare our other products, cant have that just for free, after all we went through all the trouble of removing it first. You must work for it, besides we are responsible for all these people that work for us, if we let people say pump it out of there well’s (oh right there poisoned now, look the government practically gives it away with there pipes and only charge to maintain the infrastructure (woops poisoned), what a load of whore shit,

    • The video is in English, but your last comment was not. Your particular brand of poor grammar word salad is a bit too much for me to create an argument against. The video also affirms what I already said. Water is a human right when it comes to sanitation and hydration, but water wasted in other ways is not a human right.

    • And again as I mentioned earlier, I’m not defending him, the company, or the business practices. I’m not stating my opinion on the matter even. I’m just saying that rewording what he said as “humans don’t have a right to water” is disingenuous and unethical “journalism.”

    • Matt Gallaghan his position seems to be that it is a right to work to pay for it

    • I am also sick of the bullshit from truth inside recently and removing it from my feed soon, not sure what went on there but it has turned into shit for the most part recently like so much ells

  • Than he should start paying for the oxygen he is waisting. Shit head!!!

  • It is greedy people like this that control Washington and careless about the rest of us

  • Evil fucker

  • Please stop buying bottled water and supporting these fucktards.

  • What a greedy bastard

  • Steven davidson

    Wow what an compleat cock

  • Mike T

    Nothing is “free,” even the air we breathe is not free. It takes bio energy to take your next breath and that energy comes from food. Food is not “free,” one has to grow, hunt or purchase food.

    The same with water. It takes energy and infrastructure (pipes, pumps, etc.) to transport water. The only “Rights” we have are “unalienable Rights” (aka life’s bio-primitives) and these rights are an outgrowth of the physical constructal law.

    • Bernt Bjermeland


    • Gustavo Sassano


  • Ok, I may be missing something but, why is it ok for municipalities to filter pump and charge for water delivered to your tap, and not ok for a company like Nestle to do the same privately? I keep seeing people get all upset with this company for charging for bottled water. It really doesn’t make sense. My Culligan man also can deliver large bottles to fit on their cooler, is that also an issue? WTF?

  • Willy

    Monsanto is pure evil. Nestle sucks just as much. Neither company gets a cent from me and never will. Don’t forget folks, Monsanto gave us wonderful products such as Agent Orange.
    Peter Brabeck-Letmathe can suck a big bag of dicks. His pockets are lined in Monsanto cash.

  • suenewname

    I note they cut the video as soon as he started presenting his position regarding water being like any other foodstuff. Would have liked to hear his argument.

    • Neil Lomas

      there is a longer video here

    • CATRYNA49

      His idea, as it sounded to me, was that he did not agree with those who had the “extreme” idea that access to water is a human right.

  • Nestle owns a few natural springs up by Evart and Traverse City area in Michigan, One is called Sanctuary, that would naturally feed into the Great Lakes, the Great Lakes appear to be losing water. A few articals I have read say Nestle is shipping enormous amounts of water overseas laced with lithium to help calm some of those folks that are overly stressed about their ‘situation’ . Just sharing dumb shit I read! Read your bottled water info next time.

  • Alex Mercedes

    ???The video ended before we heard his position. Is there a part 2? I didn’t hear him say what your headline alleges he said.

  • You folks sure love misinformation and Internet myths.

    Funny what a five second fact check will do.

    I’d say quit being lazy and fact check your stories but then you’d have nothing to post and scare your followers about.

  • Elizabeth Burns

    I am not a cruel person, but I could execute this disgusting parasite whit out guilt.

  • Neslesucks

    I will be sure to never purchase another Nestle product for as long as I live! His products suck anyways. I would rather keep my money in mu local community supporting mom and pop family owned business. Im sick of the rich thinking they can own and controle something that belongs to we the people and if anything they should be paying us to use our water! This is what’s wrong with the world today the greed and love of money! Who does he think buys his product? Every day ordinary citizens wow the nerve of corporations today. If we the people would just for one day stop shopping and stop buying gas and food we could make an impression but to get everyone on the same page for a better cause would be a miracle all its own. You reading this has the power to hurt corporation and big industry as they have really hurt us! Wake up people pay attention before it’s to late we need a wake up call we need to be united as one. Enough is enough im sick of big business thinking they own and controle what is rightfully ours. Its sad. This man is garbage! !!

  • Brenda McNicol

    They should put this asshole in a box for 40 days without any water

  • Corblimeyguv

    We can only hope that there would be mass civil disobedience.

  • Jj

    Just watched the YouTube video which he speaks in English and after hearing what he had to say “as a whole” I think he’s on the right track… He saying that big corp use “free$ water” and profits off of the cheapness of water, while not giving back to the “outdated water wasting infrastructure” around the world that the water comes from. That we “as a whole” consume water beyond human rights should be allow because we use to much of a precious resource (zero cost$ of water) for our wants over our needs like (golf courses, washing cars, etc…), and water is more expensive on the poor than on the rich… which all contributes to the over use of water; which will run out way before an oil crisis. He talked about African Woman and child, for an example, that they have to walk 6 hours a day, everyday, for water because of a bad and/or lack of a good infrastructure. Also, other places where water has to be trucked in which that is more expensive than the water. Even the outdated ones in the US. He says the track that the US is on now is the “expensive route” and it’s depleting earths water. (I remember Detroit). He said he wants it to be cheaper than what “we” pay for water now, by forcing “big corp” to pay more for water. That’s what I think I heard him say… thx everyone.

    • 2ndiceberg

      I think you more or less got what he might say. I would say simply in his eyes everything in the world is a commodity, including eventually human beings, and needs to be bought and sold. His rose-coloured view of water coming cheaper is a repetition of the biggest corporate lie that exists, namely, if you privatize it, people will get some and get it cheaper. That of course is nonsense, as anyone knows who lives in a country where crown corporations sold the citizens’ resources out to big business and the price of things such as energy has shot through the roof. Then they ask us to use electricity only at certain times when it will be cheaper, and, when we do, they make less money and lose profit, so they increase the prices. In the meantime, the CEO’s of those corporations make obscene amounts of money for their valuable services.

      • Jj

        Thank you for the comment 2ndiceberg. It’s nice to read an intelligent comment. I don’t have time to invest in researching about water. I do have time to read other people’s comments about what I’m interested in learning and applying their knowledge to mine. So thank you for that and have a great weekend.

  • Mike T

    Nothing is “free,” even the air we breathe is not free. It takes bio energy to take your next breath and that energy comes from food. Food is not “free,” one has to grow, hunt or purchase food.

    The same with water. It takes energy and infrastructure (pipes, pumps, etc.) to transport water. The only “Rights” we have are “unalienable Rights” (aka life’s bio-primitives) and these rights are an outgrowth of the physical constructal law.

  • doru001

    He is completely unsane, as I suspected.

  • Easy fix for that…..Just don’t buy anything made by Nestle, period. As far as the water…….I’ll crouch over the nearest creek and filter it through my sock.

  • What an evil looking character – boycott Nestle – too easy!

  • He is not a human than, He’s an evil

  • I’m boycotting Nestle!

  • It only means that the creatures that have right to water are not human.

  • On the bill it says pay to the order of Alabama water and sewage… so I guess he’s right

  • Boycott Nestle forever! Asshole’s!

  • Ook al van die rare ogen …

  • Nestle one of the most disgusting companies on this planet , they seep into every nook and cranny the world has – they need to be liquidated, exterminated or what ever governments do to fold a company. the money they are costing this planet in dairy and water alone would be enough to run some countries on. They steal your water to sell it back to you and no doubt they have most countries governments by the balls as they probably pay for most campaigns in those countries – they need squashing ! most chocolate and candy is Nestle , powdered milk -Nestle, Minera bottled water – Nestle… and by the way what do those eyes tell you ?

    • Very good posting. His eyes say “psychopath” to me.

  • Just looks evil.

  • Niki this is what I was attempting to talk about this wknd lol

  • Mean, miserable and a complete disregard for humanity. Evil scum!

  • Boycott Nestle!

  • Boycott Nestle !

  • Firstly, I’m all for businesses making money; it’s what they do, and it’s failure of regulation that allows them to get away with such a lot of harmful practices. Secondly, businesses should stick to business, and have no place in making statements about what are or are not human rights. This company in particular needs to be reined in, as they’ve proven time and again they’ll stop at nothing to make money. We have the power to do this…dont buy Nestle products; find alternatives or go without. Even one day of united embargo action would seriously frighten this company, as it’s our money propping up their empire. Will you do it?

  • So is he an alien?

  • He forgets They need water to make their products. Take that away from them see how his tune changes !!!!

  • I stopped buying Nestle’s products couple of years ago when I first saw the interview with that cunt!

  • wow

  • What’s next? Oxygen?

  • Greedy miserable people, water is a human right. Boycott this awful firm …. 🙁

  • lock him up and see how long he lasts without water fuckwit.

  • You could put his boots on and see why he said that .

  • He’s lovely isn’t him look at his EYES so much going on in this eyes

  • This is the life around us.. Infestation of political thieves and corruption

  • You don’t deserve a right to air.

  • Water belongs to the planet earth, And gods creatures.

  • Crazy boy!

  • I thought it was a basic human right

  • After you Nestle CEO.
    Choking as I say it but even Trump deserves water!

  • Looking at that face who would want the right to anything haha

  • What a f are you??? If you are a lizard than move to the jungle where you belong with the animals. The civilised world is for people

  • These are the type of people that our policies should be protecting us from. The right needs to be in the constitution. Our politicians are working for Evil fucks like him.


  • Another thing that sickens me is how quiet the Vatican and the Pope are on this issue.

  • if it is being sold, who is the seller?how did they become it’s owner ??i would like to see the proof of ownership.

  • He doesn’t have the right to breathe oxygen. Twat.

  • Here, here, Bernie! Boycott Nestle. I wonder how long that CEO keeps his job. And just for good measure, keep the boycott going if that good gets Any severance pay.

  • Remember next time you support Nestlé

  • listen to yourself who gave you the right to decide?

  • Nestle uses foreign child labor. You can see the evil in his eyes, I never buy Nestle products.

    • Would definitely agree, he has evil eyes he looks like the devil…. Boycott this awful company.. 🙁

  • no more nestle products! so far about my rights as a human being.

  • this is the biggest svine i ever seen

  • maan this guy had a bad childhood

  • Yep! It is air’s turn

  • such evil !!!

  • And he doesn’t have the right to live! Period!

  • Scandalous attitude…

  • But yet when the EU proclaimed that drinking water has nothing to do with preventing dehydration and if you disagree you face two years in prison. Somehow our society thinks these people are wonderful and the British were crazy to vote themselves out of the EU.

  • Nestle embargo

  • Such evil how much water do they waist making chocolate

  • I hope this asshole gets skin eating bacteria and it starts on his face!!! Or has it already!?!?

  • All attempts to ban rain water collection because socialists can’t have people self-sufficient (as in a free society). They use these corporations to launch the elites sinister plan for the NWO. We must fully rely on them and be their happy slaves!

  • Fuck you and your products

  • And he has is he not human . Stop buy any of there products

  • If his poshy vehicle broke down in the desert his tune would change

  • What he said was that human beings don’t have the right to water for things like golf courses and private swimming pools and the like. He never said that the human beings don’t have the right to water for consumption and hygiene. This post is continuing circulation of a falsehood.

  • Qué se fumó éste?

  • very disturbing


  • This guys a nut!

  • The Nestle CEO does not have a right to water, then. Oh sorry, he’s not a human being. BTW, I have been boycotting any Nestle product for the last year or two.

  • Sounds like someone needs to deprive him of access to water for a few days!

  • Midle finger on his face!

  • Fuck off! He shouldn’t have right to Air!

  • Glad I don’t buy his products …suck it!!!

  • Every Human being on the planet has a right to water!! … I will not be buying nestle products!

  • For years I have said that corporations would charge us for the air we breathe if they could. They just haven’t figured out how to pull that off YET.

  • If I ever get terminally ill these type ppl better watch out because I’m taking some folks out with me. This guy can be one of them.

  • He is a huge idiot, who made him watergod ?????


  • If we don’t you and your fucking evil corporation definitely don’t own shit !

  • Never did and never will.

  • Nestle CO you are an embarrassment to all the Swiss People and I hope you’re not Swiss and to the Shareholders of Nestle I recommend to get rid of this liability (CO)!!!!! hope you die of thirst

  • This is really making me wonder – who is getting paid, so Nestle can take our water?


  • What!

  • Boycott, they need people to buy their water and soda to make money. We have some power.

  • Realy?

  • prédateur.

  • Wake up people. We are loosing our water rights all over the world. If it is not being stolen it is being contaminated. Try to go a day water

  • Damn white collar criminals can get away with whatever the hell they want. If we’re talking trash about their company they’ll sue us for slander.. I’ll choke the bastard because he doesn’t have right to oxygen!!!

  • HANG THE BOZO ! Let him be the first to be denied !

  • greedy…

  • This guy is rediculus! No one in the right mind would say that! And its not he isnt making enough money as it is! I hole some nestle worker flips out and take his fucking life

  • What gives them the right to OUR Water and to Poison us & profit from it???!!!!

  • Evil the look of a serpent and the devil


  • Wish I owned a lot of Nestle shares to sell pronto.

  • And Nestle doesn’t have the right to tap water from regions that are destitute for rain. I almost never buy bottled water or Nestle products.

  • Yeh chutiya sala,water main vi petition lagayega kya..kamina… maggi se mara hume…fir vi man nahi vara toh ab pani main lage ho…acha hota ki tu doobke mar jata panime kisi din..chutiya kahika

  • Is that what happened to Lurch??

  • And he has no right to live. 🙁

  • Idiot!

  • Tämän miehen visioihin on Suomenkin monet päättäjät kallellaan. Saa nähdä kauanko Suomen suuret vesivarat ovat yhteistä omaisuutta. Yhtiöittäminen on nyt trendi ja ne jotka siitten voisivat saada siivun uudesta yhtiöstä, ovat innolla tämän järjestelyn kannattajia – maat, metsät, vesi, tiet, rautatiet, merenkulku jne. jne.


  • Criminals

  • Vikram Bharat

    • What’s happening is fucked but there’s probably better sources than the truth inside you ay haha

    • Nah there simply isn’t

    • That Nestlé ceo is fucked as well

    • LOL

  • Fuck you

  • Says who – and by the way who gives you the right ??????????

  • WHAT !!!

  • Right, it is a necessity for life!!!

  • Easy for him to say, then neither does he. How dare he say we human beings don’t have the right to water God gave water to every living thing to have for free.

  • Bullshit! It’s what most of earth’s surfaces! We all inhabit this planet together, it’s for us All..not just companies profitability!! Tf

  • Na ja, der schaut ja schon ein bisschen wie der Antichrist, oder ? Aber Fakt ist, die korrupten Regierungen der ärmsten und armen Länder sind meist die noch größeren Verbrecher gegen das gemeine Volk…

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