‘If THIS Goes Viral, Trump Will WIN’: Michael Moore Leaves Internet Dazed, Confused And On Fire

  • there is a lot of anger and frustration out there…time will tell,

  • He’s right

  • I understand that there are Trump supporters who are good people and just as angry with the government as I am, many for the same reasons. My mistrust comes from the totality of Trump’s positions, unfortunately, he is the wrong man for the job.

    • And she is the wrong “person” for the job with her totality of wrongdoings

    • no love lost on HC, but for now I reluctantly believe that the status quo is a better choice then madness

  • Watch the whole fucking show first you flog. This has been edited horribly to look like he’s supporting Trump. It’s actually the complete opposite of you watch it on full. It’s called Michael Moore in Trumpland

  • Watch the whole video

  • I’m so glad Trump has been beaten. Clinton will ensure women have their reproductive rights.

  • Wrong person is complaining. Change your attitude.

  • lol nice cut job. Perfect for the know-nothing trumpsters.

  • This guy is a waste of space.

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