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Black Man Stopped By Cop, Who Then Drives Him 100 Miles To His Little Sister’s Funeral.

  • I was helped by a cop at night , I was driving without lights . When I reached home he called to make sure I have reached home safely.i always believed he was an angel . No ticket .

  • I ran out of gas on a stretch of I-20 that was 10 miles in either direction to the nearest gas station. A couple of cops pulled up. I hopped out with my gas can, feeling relieved as I explained my situation. When they saw I needed help, they pulled away and left me there. Made for 1
    Long ass day. I got a friend to drive out of town to take me back to my car. Fuck the police

  • Loving kindness in this modern life seldom comes! This is what humanity is all about! Blessings! More power to the police.

  • I once ran through a red light on roadworks which were taking up half the road space cand covered by traffic flow lights, preventing a cop at the other end from driving through the works in the opposite direction. He never ticketed me after I apologised and ate humble pie. On the other hand, the other 99 times I’ve been stopped I’ve had the ass-hole treatment.

  • love

  • I long for the day when this headline reads, “Man Stopped by cop, who then drives him 100 miles to his little sister’s funerall.” A day when we look past a man’s race, creed or nationality and see the human being in front of him. I give this police officer the benefit of the doubt in this story..

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