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A Strong Woman Doesn’t Intimidate A Real Man

A Strong Woman Doesn’t Intimidate A Real Man
  • But as a man, Im always right so if she doesnt align with my ideas, she is basically wrong and she doesnt deserve me tho.

    • you are a weak minded cowardly narcissist. you do not deserve any woman.

    • Haha, you are probably ugly as sin and cause men dont want some fugly ass woman like you with a shitty attitude you go crying “Waah waah no real men around for a stronk woman laik mee!!!”

    • I am just wondering, you really mean because of beeing a man you always rhight? I just can not imagine that in this Century still such overhelmingly stupid convictions exist…

    • Barbara Winkler I dont but I just hate how thease articles and every “What woman” or some other shit articles make it so men have to somehow earn women, and women are just good enough by existing.

  • few real men around. strong women make the general male population scared

  • Blah, blah, blah. A real man does as he sees fit and doesn’t need a woman’s or anyone’s validation, etc.

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