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6 Signs You’re Arguing With A Psychopath.

  • this-sounds-like-my-sister-(especially#5)-i’ve-repeatedly-told-her-your-victim-mentality-has-to-go!

  • Sounds like Trump.

  • Why is the picture of a girl trying to smoke a cig that’s not lit?

  • Suzan van Assen Jonne Wiessner

  • This is good stuff. 5 years ago I fell into the trap of #2 and #3. Never again. Now I will not even be around this person without a 3rd party that is MY friend from MY world. Little Janie has grow up and become quite happy and string.

  • Magda Stewart read this entirely. I think we may know a few!

  • Angel Lia

    • It’s so pathetic that this was my life for so long. Fuck that ✌️

  • This reminds me of someone I met last year who almost became a client. More trouble than they were worth.

  • A must read Magda Stewart !

  • Lazara Gonzalez….You got to read this… Paul too….

  • Yep, been there done that with these types on all points mentioned.

  • So true. BPD…..

  • Rosalind Croad-Harrison remind you of anyone?

  • Aidan Forbes not sure if I relate to this… maybe I’m on the mid to low end of psychopath. ..

  • Perfect description of Donald Trump!!!

  • Yes…but a GREAT Psychopath… with a short stubby brain.

  • Zulu Migi O oe se Psycho? Lol peiuma lava

  • Le

  • i just today “liked” this page because of a video i saw that you posted… and i read your “short desc.” of the page which says : “Be inspired, think forward and enjoy life!” so… in keeping with that theme WTF is THIS about… “watch out” ? IF you find YOURself “arguing with a psychopath” (psychopath according to whom you might like to ask????) you can pretty well bet you yourself are in PsyChoPath ~vibration ~ yourself. period. EVERYONE is doing the best they can given whatever circumstances they believe THEMSELVES to be in at any given moment in time/space. . yee~gads… really..

  • we as a nation need to get on one accord agreeing and touching in Jesus name he love them maybe these people can get saved he came die that we might live There is always hope in Jesus John3:16 where there is Jesus there is hope

  • I’ve come across a couple of real doozies in my time. This was spot on.

  • Christian

  • Angela Romagnino I know you know one. Xxx

  • Walenrod

    It looks like I am the one….f*&^ck….and what now?

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