5 Stories the Media Ignored While Reporting on the Kim Kardashian Robbery

  • Grow up, Kim. Your daddy didn’t raise you kids to be hookers!

  • So we should expect ww3 in a year or two?

  • seriously I really do believe we are treated like idiots by the news. not one channel has reported that 40 million people in Russia have taken part in a nuclear attack drill! not even RT

  • Wierd there’s not much investigation about the robbery

  • Russia would not nuke Britain anyhow. they would be blowing up what they already own! or the Chinese as they own us too

  • Wtf is it about this slightly above average lookin broad that ppl find so intriguing?

  • attention seekers waste of time too much shit too deal with make the biggest deal out of the smallest shit seriously don’t understand why so much people follow them

  • Standard

  • Brainwashing. Next please.

  • Lord rothermere, a billionaire living in France, owns the Mail, Mail on Sunday, and the Metro.
    Rupert Murdoch, A Billionaire living in Australia, Owns the Sun, Sun on Sunday and is the man behind Fox News, BSkyB, News Corp, Etc, Etc.
    Alexander and Evgeny ( Son ) Lebedev, an Ex KGB Russian Billionaire, owns the Independent, Independent on Sunday, The evening Standard.
    Richard Desmond, A Billionaire, owns the Daily Star, Sunday Star, Daily Express, Sunday Express.
    David and Frederick Barclay, Billionaire Brothers living on a Private island near Saark, Own the Telegraph, The Business Insider.

    I don’t think we should trust any media.

    • I see…and are they seeing anyone??? ⛏

  • Why do people hate the Kardashian’s so much? I love them… they awsom…
    Only the fur they wear i don’t like… but they really one awsom family…

    • Because they are self-serving self-indulgent arrogant despicable grotesque rude obnoxious people

    • Wow that’s allot of hate

    • I know a few ppl who met Kim and Kylie, and I guess they were extremely rude and said they wouldn’t sign anything or take any pictures with them cause their outfits weren’t cute enough. That’s enough for me to dislike them. Hate? No. dislike? Very much.

    • I don’t hate them. I despise what they represent

  • Danielle Langford

  • The whole family are a bunch of liars, I have no interest in them at all

  • Yep bullshit hype

  • Fuck the media, they only tell you what they want you to here, and fuck that stupid bitch.

  • Valon Dedia

  • I pity the ones that believe the BS in this page. And it’s ironic that conservatives ask people to wake up lmao.

  • Only stupid people listen to mainstream media

  • Then don’t show her mush!!

  • This is what i thought who gives a fuck probably was a lie set up Illuminati pigs when there is real shit happening hope they stole her lame ring to feed the poor some robin hood shit

  • Shits going extincted and all people care about is the kardashians

  • Megan DePape

  • I wonder if the robbers all took turns slapping her ass…I’m sorry it’s wrong but she flaunts her ass so much she almost deserves it

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