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15 Things You’ll Notice When You’re In The Presence of an Empath

  • Sam Everhart

  • What are the scientific proof for these or even theories? Cause this whole “empath” thing sounds psuedoscientific..

    • Technically it’s probably brain chemistry. In other words, my brain’s electrical system is probably functioning in a different way than someone who is not an empath. On a Kiersey temperament test, I am a combination of traits found in less than 1 percent of the population. I have tested that way for at least 20 years,

    • Yes, more serotonin and yada yada, but I doubt “empath” is any scientific term. Maybe they are little more empathic but its not like a class in roleplaying games like “mage” or “warlock”.

  • I am definitely an empath and anyone who’s around me for any length of time will tell you the same.

  • mmm

  • Robin Garten Garcia

    This is a perfect description of me. I spend (and enjoy) a great deal of time by myself because other people’s energy overwhelms me. I recently had a contractor from our local gas company tell me about his son’s battle with seizures and hopes for getting a driver’s license while I was signing some paperwork. It’s just normal for me. I’ve known that I feel other’s physical pain since I was 6. It took much longer for me to realize I was feeling their emotional pain as well.

  • 😉

  • Very true about empaths including myself.. I do like to help people.

  • Wow ! I thought I might be a bit empathic but every one of those descriptions fit me like a glove . Makes so much sense now , I’m not strange and over sensitive to everything . thanks

  • Not easy to be an empath in this world full of hypocrites, looks like people is not ready for it , just few ones really see this amazing gift and they apperciate a ton.I do have few empaths around and I can say I am lucky to have them too.

  • Tony Drążek

  • Funny there is a large element of truth in

  • Omg, me

  • #10 can be corrected for, the rest seems accurate. However, empaths know fellow empaths upon ‘presence’.

  • Rashida IX Rose

  • Empathy must build each other when together,
    Two positive empaths can change a lot in the world around them.

  • It turned out to be gas !

  • Bad Wolf

    the word empathy should not be used as the same way this topic is referring to an Empath. Everyone should have empathy – a lack of it it is a not so good personality trait to have. Many people suffering schizophrenia lack empathy , meaning they are not able to relate to another persons feelings. People with a higher self awareness with generally have more empathy towards others. Some suffering manic episodes can have WAY too much empathy and need to be very very careful not to accidentally take on EXACTLY what another person is feeling and behave as that person.

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