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15 Things You’ll Notice When You’re In The Presence of an Empath

  • Sam Everhart

  • What are the scientific proof for these or even theories? Cause this whole “empath” thing sounds psuedoscientific..

    • Technically it’s probably brain chemistry. In other words, my brain’s electrical system is probably functioning in a different way than someone who is not an empath. On a Kiersey temperament test, I am a combination of traits found in less than 1 percent of the population. I have tested that way for at least 20 years,

    • Yes, more serotonin and yada yada, but I doubt “empath” is any scientific term. Maybe they are little more empathic but its not like a class in roleplaying games like “mage” or “warlock”.

  • I am definitely an empath and anyone who’s around me for any length of time will tell you the same.

  • mmm

  • Robin Garten Garcia

    This is a perfect description of me. I spend (and enjoy) a great deal of time by myself because other people’s energy overwhelms me. I recently had a contractor from our local gas company tell me about his son’s battle with seizures and hopes for getting a driver’s license while I was signing some paperwork. It’s just normal for me. I’ve known that I feel other’s physical pain since I was 6. It took much longer for me to realize I was feeling their emotional pain as well.

  • 😉

  • Very true about empaths including myself.. I do like to help people.

  • Wow ! I thought I might be a bit empathic but every one of those descriptions fit me like a glove . Makes so much sense now , I’m not strange and over sensitive to everything . thanks

  • Not easy to be an empath in this world full of hypocrites, looks like people is not ready for it , just few ones really see this amazing gift and they apperciate a ton.I do have few empaths around and I can say I am lucky to have them too.

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