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13-Year-Old Physicist Has A Mindblowing Theory On God. [Must Watch]

  • Very interesting young man.

  • I like this Kid. He’s hungry for more knowledge and betterment of mankind. As for the questionnaire, the guy is a total Dick, asking a 13yr old to define God and people’s beliefs, though pretty satisfied with the kids definition about God and his responses.
    May I suggest studying the Quran aswel since majority of his definitions matches what’s on Quran regarding, Quantum physics and mechanics, answering many questions about Universe, different dimensions, different lifeforms other than mankind, life after death, answers about “souls” as in “energy” that drives our physical body and many more.

    • Same with the Bible! We also include the New Testament

    • Yep. I am aware. Though his theory is only based on bible, which is a bit concerning for any physicist to come up with conclusions without further researching existing documents that are available.

  • Salami Arms Barry George

  • Wow really valuable conversation he is champ

  • Cluey lil guy , when he’s actually read the Bible for himself I’d love to hear his thoughts on it then

  • Wat a wonderfull mind I hope that people listen to him!

  • Taoic Pantheism… I came to the same conclusion at about the same age, 30 years ago.

  • even a 13 years old kid know better.

  • I have had that same theory! Ima a physicist!

  • Every group of people has a theory

  • A clever young man,I can accept some of his theories.

  • ❤️❤️❤️ your insights.

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