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11 Reasons Good Men Won’t Cheat.

good guy cheat
  • Emily Peters

    All these reasons vanish though when alcohol is involved…and the innocent partner has to struggle with making sense out of their partners cheating. This is exactly where I find myself…

  • roby

    WTF is this lovey dovey shit there is no way a man wrote these list, as a man i can tell you no hetrosexual man or your figment of so called ‘good man” is not gona turn down the girl he been eye balling for months once she allows him in her pants. so stop with this bullshit article atleast stop writing your imagination or your beliefs of how a good man supposed to be or should be.. no man is like that.this is pure fantasy world, snap out of it its obviously killing you.

  • True that!

  • Because they are good. 1 reason, quite simple.

  • very true, cheating ni ulimbukeni

  • Very Good information…

  • True…. The same goes for women

  • Where are the good men hiding❤️

  • Just because a man or woman makes a mistake it does not mean he has to he ‘caned’ forever. Nobody is perfect. Many people do divorce, cheat and lie but also many people can forgive and forget. Life’s too short….

  • True…

  • Igor Puček

  • Let’s all stop shaming each other with words like “cheater” and wake up to being fully human capable of forgiveness also. Monogamy is an archaic construct.

  • What shame? Isn’t there a app called cheater?

  • Agree! I’ve only kissed one woman over the past 15 years!! For reals.

  • Exactly

  • It’s harder for a man to cheat then it is for a women.. FACT.. not to mention it takes us longer to get over a relationship

  • spot-on

  • Est ce qu’il exist?

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